Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ahhhhh Spring

Ahh how I love Spring! The birds chirping, the lime green color of grass coming to life for another season, pollen (yuk, but it's part of it) and last but not least the warmer temps that come with Spring equinox.

I've been riding the cruiser to and between classes as a mode of transportation on campus. I also have a little app on the ole iPhone that I turn on when I'm pedaling to and fro on campus. I wish I had thought of this earlier.... like Jan! So far I've managed to pedal 28+ miles just on campus alone, wow! Whodathunkit? One thing is for certain; I'm not good with flat pedals!

Sram Alert;

Wow, I bet you won't believe this. More Sram carnage. Melissa was climbing when she hard shifted and ye ole Sram derailleur in the pic below couldn't handle the pressure and failed like many of it brethren. Junk, nothing but junk! thanks to Srams incredible CS we should have another one heading this way soon though. I have an idea to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars! When folks buy the stuff (junk ;-) ) why doesn't Sram just give them two of everything? It's a brilliant idea and would save soooooo much $$$$ on shipping later. Call me a Sram hater if you wish - I know this; run Sram road components..... you will break something. I hope the 2012 stuff they improved..... is REALLY improved.

I'm really diggin' the new job at ETSU! I'm happy I'm a part of the history of the ETSU trail system. One day I can look back to something bigger and better and say "I had a hand in that". It's also good to have the "higher ups" have a hand in the process and able to give real time feedback. It's good to have resources like biologists and land managers to look over your plans before you just build or dig something in the woods.

This is the before pic that I'm hoping next year at this time will show fencing, a kiosk, an emergency gate and call box to campus 911. The new map is almost complete and ready for print so that there will be only one "official" map of the trails.

My riding is coming along nicely thanks to AC and Training Peaks. We were able to acquire free accounts for collegiate clubs by advertising TP on our website. Who needs a trainer if you have the tools and the software is provided for you? Once you become comfortable with the software it's easy. No, you won't be able to achieve an elite level status all by yourself but there's no coach capable in this area that can get you to an elite level or even a semi-elite level anyhow. Me? I'm just trying to improve my fitness so that I can hang with a B-level collegiate racing group. I think that's an achievable goal. With a little focus I've been able to get 4-5 days a week riding in and I'm preparing to begin my first build phase. I've preached against training for a long time and I still don't like taking something I love doing and making work of it. I guess here is where I admit to being a hypocrite huh? The flip side is that it's really sweet when you notice gains in how you feel and in your data. In just 9 weeks my avg heart rate has lowered 12 bpm and my avg power has increased 16 watts just in my base. I'm basing this data on the same route I ride once a week. Sorry to bore you with all this mumbo jumbo but it was nice to see to be honest. If I had the discipline to watch EVERYTHING I ate I could probably make huge gains overall including weight loss but alas, I like what I like to eat. If I can acquire some speed, gain endurance and stay 190 lbs, fine by me! Maybe I'll just cut back a little? I like my pizza & Mexican food too much! Sushi doesn't count right? Hopefully gramps will be able to keep up this fall!

LAter G......................

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