Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stop!!!!!!!!!!! 10K??

This week Melissa drove into the garage with the BMC Team Machine on the roof of the car. It damaged the fork, and a couple more spots but the main frame survived thank goodness. The girl has had bad luck over the past couple of days let me tell ya!

On today's ride she ripped the rear derailleur in half! Yea, call me a hater but I do think those were Sram parts on that bike. I replaced it with more Sram pre-warranty parts so that she's ready to rip it up tomorrow. I was home installing the parts and realized her hanger was tweaked too much so I decided to make a midnight run to the shop to get a new one since I had a new derailleur to install. The job has it's perks for sure! One quick phone call to B and we were on the way.

My next job is to build her a nice closet in her room like the one above! Dang skippy!

Riding, riding amd more riding! The weather has been just way freakin' awesome of late. Precise timimg has provided plenty of two wheel saddle time this month! Base is going well and I've already seen & felt the benefits. Average wattage has increased and average heart rate has fallen.... whoda thunk it? I'm actually looking forward to the next power test.

This morning I was up and early, 6:30a, to provide a little bike patrol for a local Chasing Snakes 10K race that's been going on for the last 4 years. Some guy ran 6.25 miles in under 34 minutes, I was impressed! It was nice to have participants come up and thank the ETSU Cycling Team for helping out. Afterwards I went for a little ride as to add to the base for the day. After the easy spin I returned home to get a load of spray paint so I could fulfill my club credits by marking the TNR recreation ride and the local pack race routes. Seems a few people got lost on last Thursday's smoke, wind, downpour, hail & lightning ride, shouldn't happen again unless they're blind!

LAter G......................................

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