Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Break; Day 2 & 3

Sorry I don't have any pics to post for all the peeps that like looking at things while they read. The last two days have been steady riding with hardly any breaks for photo ops. You all have been in the woods before so you know what it's like therefore I didn't see any need for any pics of a trail that you've all seen on here before. I would have if there had been anything interesting though, alas, there wasn't so keep the cranks spinning says I.

Day 2:

Tuesday I had some office work required of me at my new position so I swung by to get that taken care of (it concerns the new trail map that will soon be on the web). I then swung by home to get Melissa and head back over to the ETSU trails for a gathering. We arrived early to get an extra lap in before a bunch of peeps arrived to pedal their arses off. Some had to work so they were opting for a night ride with lights but I had to have GF home by 7 because she had a date with her dad. It was good though, 17+ miles in and the trails were in near perfect condition too. Rare for our place - they usually take an extra day to dry out.

Day 3:

I've been looking for a better fork for Melissa's bike for awhile now. I ran across a friend that had a little jewel, NOS Reba, set back for his wife in case hers broke. He decided that it was no longer needed so I talked him into departing with it for a fair price. Iron man Dillow donated a older Haro hardtail with the carbon stays to her so now it's all coming together. I'm loaning her a set of Mavic CrossMax's to put the power to the dirt. I met Bill near a trailhead today and made the deal final with some good ole American cabbage. We then decided to roll up the mountain and meet one of his buddies for some single track action on Bays Mtn. My goal was to get alot of seat time in today, plain and simple! No frills ride! I was looking for hopefully 4 hrs and to do this I knew I would probably have to do this all by my lonesome so I explained it to the boys and they understood. At the last minute they said they would tag-along, I again warned them I wouldn't be breaking any speed barriers to reach my goal. We had good conversation and it turned out to be a great ride. After about 2 hrs everyone went their own way but I headed back up the mountain for some MORE. There were several peeps out riding and running so the "get a job" comments need to be directed at alot of peeps today, not jus' me - ha. The park closes at 5pm during the week right now so I didnt think I had enough time, or energy left in my legs, to get another FULL lap in so I backed off a tad. (back off from a snails pace? Yea I almost fell over, lol) nearing the end I ran across Capt Dingo and company but we didn't chat much, just some howdys, a high five to Olga and everyone was on their way. My goal was 4 hrs and/or 30 miles. I managed half of it. I got the 4 hrs in but only acquired 26.18 in mileage. There wasn't much stopping either! I guess we spent 15 min tops waiting on a buddy at a couple points and a refueling at the cars 1/2 way through for a couple of minutes. Again, I wasn't trying to hammer just log some saddle time. It was a good solid ride (which I need many more of) and not a photo op ride, hence NO PICS here! (sorry) ---- well not really!

Tomorrow is Day 4 of SB 2012. I wanted to get a good road ride in of at least 60+ miles but the MTB has been feeling soooooo good the last two days I'm thinking maybe a road trip to Warrior's Creek or even Dupont tomorrow. Oh, I almost forgot! The 26 hoops were ridden Tuesday and it felt like I was driving a Ferrari! You never hear ANYONE state or claim that their 29er felt like a Ferrari ya know? Today the big hoops were used, I like both sizes........... is that legal???

It's supposed to rain Friday so Day 5 is looking like a rest day and clean my freakin' condo day. (Yes condo, I no longer live over a screaming romper room) So what do I do??? decisions, decisions..............

LAter G..................

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