Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break 4 & 5


I really screwed up on Day four! I'm usually a stickler for watching the weather so I can get the ride in but I must say I failed miserably Thursday. I only had two things to do on Thursday; 1) get a ride in. 2) build the Haro frame up for Melissa that Iron Man Dillow gave her. I got up had breakfast and NEVER checked the weather. I then started tearing down her heavy Haro to build her not-so-heavy Haro. Alot of pieces parts were different sized and it took me a while rummaging through boxes to find other parts I needed. It took about 2 hours longer than I had planned. The weather was awesome when I started and I even had the garage door open enjoying the sunshine. I was so encompassed with the Haro build I never saw the cloud cover sneak in. Some local guys were riding at Warriors at 11 but I needed a road ride since I had already put in 43 miles on the knobbies the two previous days. Boy I'm glad I didn't go to that ride as I later heard several peeps were attacked by an animal (PO) at the trailhead.

I didn't get out due to rain so I sucked it up and accomplished some cleaning around the house. Since I had a good bit of mileage in for the previous couple of days it didn't bother me too bad. I have Friday I was thinking.


I'm up and early Friday and I'm thinking I want to get hours in today not just mileage. A good long constant paced road ride of at least 60 miles should do the trick. As I'm getting ready the phone rings and B needs me to come in because we had a rush of repairs that came in. I say OK and unkit myself. K sara sara........ So that's how I spent DAy 5....... working. I did get off early because I got everything repaired but I made a pit stop to talk to a buddy at a Restaurant about a fund raising gig for the ETSU team. After that I got home and started packing for the weekend of racing at Danville, Va. I'll save that for my next post. 6 & 7 were the best!

LAter G............

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