Sunday, March 4, 2012

What To Do 2012SB???

It's official! It's 2012 Spring Break. You may ask am I heading to the beach hence the pic above. I would respond "nah, I'd rather ride my bike somewhere". So that's the real question...

My plans were foiled for this weekend due to having to work at the shop Friday AND Saturday. The weather didn't cooperate either so I'm not 'too' bummed about the South Carolina plans taking a left turn. Now it looks as if Dupont and FATS may get a visitor Thursday, ...maybe. There's supposed to be another snow shower roll through the hills and mountains of East Tennessee. It's been a crazy transition into Spring this year with snow flurries, thunderstorms, tornados and alleged blizzards that we never saw. Once again they are calling for snow and "slushy conditions" tonight. I'll be glad when 75* days show up and become common place for a while.

I'm going to make some popcorn tonight and watch the Paris Nice 2012 race that I have dvr'd to get my skinnie fix.

LAter G.........................

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