Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Juan More Daytona Joke

He recycled the jet engine from the dryer........

What are the odds of a professional racecar driver hitting a jet truck??... A million to JUAN!!!

How do you ensure a NASCAR driver hits the jet dryer? Put a target on it!

How many drivers have hit the jet dryer ever? Just Juan

After the crash the jet dryer driver got on the radio and said "NASCAR, we have a Pablom"

Well, Daytona has Juan less jet dryer.

They interviewed the jet dryer truck driver, he was quoted saying "I didn't see that Juan coming"

How many NASCAR drivers does it take to start a jet fuel fire? Just Juan.

It was JUAN big accident and it cause alot of PABLOms when MONTOYA-up the Jet-Dryer.

There are about a million more out there.............

LAter G...............

1 comment:

miket55 said...

That was hysterical!! but Michigan International Speedway has "Juan" less jet dryer.