Wednesday, April 4, 2012


How far are you willing to go to protect your constitutional rights?

Last time I checked there's no law against bashing or making fun of people, companies or anything you want. As long as you don't create stories, spout lies or fake things it's perfectly legal. Society, though, seems to deem it acceptable to talk behind peoples back instead of balling up and speaking publicly or dare I say speak to someone's face. I'm an outspoken person it's just a plain and simple fact. I've pissed off people and goodness knows people have pissed me off too. It's a cycle, a part of life and no one is going to change it, period! Look at reality TV! There's no way that 6 billion people are going to live in this country and all get along, plain fact.

It may be against society to be a racist, atheist or whatever the majority of society deems wrong but guess what? If you live here in America you have the RIGHT to be anything you dam well please as long as it's legal and doesn't cause physical harm to anyone. It's not proper to hurt anyone intentionally. If someones actions are questionable or of low quality why is it not ok to question them? Dam you if you do it publicly too? I don't make anything up here I just jot down facts, document bike trips, evaluate bike parts (like any good consumer does) and scribble about my pathetic bike racing. I hold my opinion to be very valuable (to me) as do most people of their own opinions. Opinions are like rear ends.... everyone has one! It's theirs and no one else's - to do with how they please.

What if someone told us we couldn't ride our bikes? I'm guessing the only folks that this would piss off is cyclists, am I right? It may make a lot of motorists gleefully happy! That said I have a hard time dealing with life when someone dictates what I 'cannot' write in or on something which is mine. It's not the first time that someone has dictated what I should or shouldn't do here on ye ole blog. This blog is sorta like TV..... if you don't like what's playing, change the channel or yet the better question is "why do you keep reading it if you don't agree with or like it's content?" Because you are SOCIETY!

Stay tuned.....

LAter G..............................

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