Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Asheville CX - Pedalfest _ Bonnie Kate Bike Bash

Lots of events coming up in the next week or so! This weekend has another 12 hrs of Tsali upon us though I'm probably headin' to Charlotte for the Maxxis series at the whitewater center. Following this coming weekend there's a humongous list of bike related things to do. First the folks over at Asheville Cyclocross throwdown when it comes to summer CX, yes SUMMER CX only in the south! The Mountain Festival kicks off in Asheville next week and they host a small CX event around the festival and on the Asheville velodrome (old 1/8th mile race car track). The place has a huge turnout of fans and riders too. Last year I made the front page of Asheville's Sunday Paper! Well it's back again this year and I only hope I can hold it together for 40 minutes in the warmth of the night. I'm so not ready!
After we all race I have to hustle back to JC and get things together for Pedalfest the next morning. The team has been hosting a small fundraiser road ride for a few years now. Up and early to set everything up over at the pavilions to make sure it's another success. I designed the shirt below from one of my art projects this semester and it's getting alot of compliments. I really like this one myself!
Sunday there's nothing going on but a little training on the mountain bike then Monday evening at the Bonnie Kate Cafe they are hosting the first ever Bike BAsh in Elizabethton. This looks like its going to be a ton of fun. A small 5 mile ride around downtown then back to the Cafe for a few adult refreshments! Mr. Higgs will be cooking up some appetizers and opening up the doors of the theater for a free movie if I'm not mistaken. SO the whole weekend looks like its going to be a biking blast. Better not miss it!

While working in the shop today I got all the repairs finished and started on bike assembly. I like when I get to this part of my job. No messy, rusty, junky dept store bikes (although they pay the bills) now just clean new bikes to play with. B managed to get a few more closeouts from Masi like the Soulville SS fixie bikes. My commuter bike I rescued from a dumpster 2 years ago has cracked so to the grave yard for her. My mind starts thinking that a new commuter bike may be in the future and since these are closeout bikes why not get one for a screamin' deal? There's a blue one and a black one but I'm partial to the black one with maroon graphics. All I'll have to do is swap the racks from the craked one over and ... new commuter. I wish the fenders would fit but they are 26" and the commuter I'm eyeing is 700c. Oh well, who needs an excuse to buy more bike parts? Me!

 First day of ETSU work tomorrow at summer school. Tues & Thurs all summer 11-4............ rough ain't it?

Later G............

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