Saturday, May 19, 2012

Climbing Buffalo Again & Again...

If you like climbing and trails that will eat your bike Buffalo is your place. We fix sooo many bikes of guys that constantly ride Buffalo Mtn.

 I got up and got started early painting the road markings for Pedalfest that's just only a week away. B will be gone all week from the shop on vacation to Ohio and Peee AAA so that leaves yours truly to hold down the fort.

Half way up the Pinnacle Trail I took a little photo real quick. I stopped shorter than a Nascar pit stop for this quick shot and kept on a climbing.
This week I've been trying to get things in order for our new president to take over. I made some brochures to hand out at orientation with a trail map and all for the incoming freshman.

I was thumbing through the QBP catalog and ran across this jersey! Schlitz! Crappy brewski but cool little jersey, I think. There's a Miller High Life one on there too that I'm thinking about getting as well.
Nearing the end of my ride I jumped over this guy laying across the whole trail. he must have been about 4ft long and it looked like he hasn't had anything to eat in a while because he was kinda thin and narrow. After I hopped him I skidded to a stop then returned to look at him. Just a little black snake out in the woods.
I just sat there and observed him for about 10 minutes then he started coiling up. I guess he didn't like me in his neck of the woods. The tip of his tail was just a shaking like a rattler though. I guess I spent about a whole 15 minutes with him and he never uncoiled so I headed on down the mountain to moto-van to head home.

After over 3.5 hours I called it a day. I felt as if I had pedaled all over Buffalo Mtn. I climbed the fire tower road from "the bottom" three times along with the #1, the blue trail, fire tower single track once and a few other ATV trails I hadn't been on in a long time. When it was all said and done I managed 28.4 miles and almost 7K of climbing (7K sounds better than 6840.... he he) I came home sat down and the legs felt like they were turning into concrete so I got up and started working on the Tanks CX bikes so they'll be ready for CX in Asheville this Friday night! Beer, cross and music.... great venue!

LAter G................

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