Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaack

Oh what another busy end of semester! I don't know what it was about this semester but I couldn't wait until it was over. That's very unlike me too because I enjoy school this time around.

So as soon as classes were over I started on our trails.....

Campus Rec has found some funding for the ETSU trail system so that we could get some "National Forest Trail Markers" to install on our 5.5 miles of trails! These things are a bi*** to get into the ground though!

Above is #5 of the 15 that is to be installed by yours truly. I've got 8 in the dirt and only 7 more to go!
Where did you come from? Hmmmm, well now its passable!
Below is a wet spot that NEVER dries up. Soooooooo... I armored it with broken concrete blocks!
OK I've been watching this for some time now. It's no danger to fall ON the trail so it's had my curiosity for some time now.
B and I were looking for parts on QBP the other day and I stumbled on this neat little Lezyne wooden handled pedal wrench. Anything that comes with a beverage opener is a good product in my book.
Every year that I have been an officer for the Cycling Team Campus Rec has always given all the sport club officers something pretty nice. Last year it was a sweet warm up jacket with the school logo. This year the popped for a Ogio bag. This is a pretty nice gear bag too! I've already swapped all my MTB gear into this and it holds everything really good, plenty of room!
Below is what I've been working on for a final project in art class, well it's the third try and totally different from all the others. I've also worked my design into what I think will be a sweet Pedalfest Tshirt for 2012.
Sorry for the lack of posts but I have 4 weeks off until summer session starts so I'll try to put something interesting up here soon! Thanks for your patience.

LAter G.............................

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