Monday, May 7, 2012

PERKS & Some Racin'

Today while at the shop our SRAM rep rolled up and comes walking in with a set of handlebars. I'm thinking to myself "are they (SRAM) getting in the HB biz now?" After the normal greeting he hands over the little display creation that has the XX grip shifter MOUNTED onto a handlebar with a ultra trick solid aluminum billet steerer tube adapted for a rear der hanger. That was nice to see - some engineer made that to showcase the new grippy shift stuff. This little display allows the user to twist the shifter and watch/feel how well the NEW grippy shifters work. Anyone that reads my blog knows that I'm not the biggest SRAM fan but they've done their homework and this new stuff is butter smooth! A+ if you likes the twisty shift bits.

Just before finals 3 of us on the team decided to go blow off some stress and race the mountain bikes. We grabbed the school van and we were off to Columbia, SC and Harbison State Forest to race the MAXXIS Southern Series. The place has some really sick fast trails, I'm talkin' big ring up front and wayyyyyyy down the cassette in the little gears fast! I love this place! I used to work in Blythewood from 2000-2006 and this was an easy place to hit during the week while I was down there with my wacky schedule that I worked. I sucked, as usual, Schyler got 7th and James 10th so it wasn't all bad. I think Schyler wanted us to kiss his arse or somethin' in the pic below.....not!

There's a small race in WV this weekend I'm thinking about hitting up. The training is coming along but I think I'm going to have to face the facts that this extra weight around my mid section needs to go if I want to get some serious results with this program. UGH! I like eating what I like ya know...
The breaking in of the new Mavic Fury shoes is coming along quite well. The more I ride these shoes the better they feel, honest! The kids from Lees McRae College in Banner Elk, NC have been using these for a very long time. I thought it was because they matched their kits so well but I'm thinking - I was wrong... Don't try to hide from anyone when you're wearing these! I think you could be spotted from outer space very easily.

LAter G...................................

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