Friday, June 22, 2012


Where do I start? This has been an amazingly busy past three weeks! With Ben getting hired to renovate the trailhead at the 4X course, getting the short track course ready for the season, keeping the XC course passable (not just passable but very nicely trimmed!), working in the Nursing Lab and the daily papers that are due while taking summer classes I have been stretched as far as a rubber band is capable of.

With only two weeks of classes left I'm withering somewhat. It's quite stressful, alas that everyday life I tell myself to get on with it and do! I like keeping myself busy but my time at the shop has suffered. I'm thankful I have an understanding boss. He gave me the 5 weeks off so that I can focus on my studies, thanks dude!

Here's is just one picture of things and how they have progressed from the others I posted...... We also have two new entrances so that a 'gator' can access deep into the woods in case of an emergency!
What the hell is a TT bike doing on my page? Well, I have got the wild hair to try a TT race... only! I will repeat myself here also..... "I'm not doing any Tri's". Lauren, a girl that rides with us on Thursday Night Rides, told me yesterday if I do a Tri she'll do a crit. OMG honey that ain't happenin'! I was directed to this bike that a guy was selling and have half way closed the deal. If I don't like it I have a guy that said he wants it. I'm looking forward to giving this TT thing a shot soon

Hello Kona! Where did you come from? I'm trying to wrangle the funds to acquire this frame. I built up another SS 29er for training. I've ridden the one I have now, the SE, but it's a tad small so I want something bigger. The kona is the next size up from what I have now with the SE. It's no big deal and I'm far from a single speeder but the SS gives me a pretty good workout for the upcoming collegiate season. It kills my knees but does help with the training! Keep your fingers crossed!

LAter G............................

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