Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today was a busy day! I had to be in class for the biggest part of the day while the concrete truck delivered the liquid stone but Ben was able to manage everyone very well. After class I swung by to see the fruits of their labors...

After checking in at Dual Slalom I headed down for the Thursday Night Ride. Afterwards we all gathered as usual for some grub. After eating I saw the big ole sombrero roll out and didn't get it until they popped it onto my head.... Oh yesterday was my birthday, my bad.

This is what the pad ended up looking like after the pour............. Primo! This is going to be a sweet starting line! We have an air ram ordered and all we'll have to do is rent a gas powered compressor to operate it during the race! We may even pop for one after a good fundraiser!


LAter G........................

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