Saturday, June 9, 2012

Extra Dirt and a Fat Tire..... or two, or three!

Why are Dr. Seek and I so happy? Well obviously we have plenty of tall boy PBR's available so that would make anybody happy right? He just acquired the big BMX style 4X gate for our course so we both are excited! Now to just get it installed and pour a concrete pad!

here's more dirt! We can always use more dirt. The 4X will be tamed and dumbed down a bit to keep it from being pro-level only jumpable! Big 'ole MACK dumptruck getting it done!
After a B~U~S~Y week of classes I needed to vent on the mountain bike. Whoa a local MTB race happening just about an hour away? That'll work! After getting to Marion, Va. and getting parked Larry Bishop walks up and starts chatting with me, cool! I didn't know he and Kim were coming! As we're talking this badass Fat Tire beer truck rolls up to the venue. I quickly snap a picture then take a peek....
Look at the glorious light above the truck....... heavenly I say!

I think I'm gonna start calling Larry "Coach Bishop"! His advice was "go out there and win the thing!" No pep talk, no long winded wasted big-screen movie quality speech that could win a grammy but just go out there and win! So I line up and getr' done! Quality back drop for a podium if I do say so myself!

The sweet little kaleidoscope trophy was hand-made and special ordered from England by the promoter Mr. Prater. Looks like the training is starting to really work. At the start we rolled out and three of us formed a small pace-line and rolled away from the field of 19 or so. I hardly ever start this way so I was pleasantly surprised when I was hanging on in the group and not feeling red-lined at all. I felt really good! The legs were turning the cranks so easily it seemed, even while climbing. Those speed/cadence drills are paying off I guess. First I have to thank AC for the program that he started me on in February, thanks dude! Next Joe Friel deserves some thanks too. Through his book, I learned that a rider over 40 must train differently and get more recovery than a younger rider. I felt a huge boost when I implemented his rule into AC's training plan for me, thanks guys! Last but not least I'm throwing some mad props out to Coach Bishop! Thanks for the coaching today...... coach!

Its funny how all this came about this morning.... I set the alarm last night for 5:30am before bed but forgot to turn it on. Of course I didn't realize this until 6:40am thus meaning I woke up late, derrr. My plan was to ride up a class in the expert class since it wasn't a USAC race and do the grueling 52 mile course and get in a really good 6hr workout. Since I awoke late I was a little bummed but still wanted to go up there. Oh well it's not a total loss I'll just go race my sport class and get in the 18 miles, I thought. So that's how my day ended up. Not bad actually!!!!

LAter G............................

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