Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Skinny Weekend

This past Saturday I adorned the USAC blue shirt and played referee as seen in pics 3 and 4 below. I was refereeing the women's class like last year. The women rode hard and braved 41* degree temps at the top of Roan. Anyone that can "race" to the top of Roan get an attaboy in my book. Later that evening we drove over to Erwin, Tennessee to the start of the TT. It was a 4 mile TT that climbed up and over a pretty big hill after about 1 mile in. The riders rode hard!

Below is the start of my crit on Sunday morning. Yes I was wearing arm warmers because it was still a bit nippy to me. The guy in the Orange jersey (Cakebead) stood up and lit out like his ass was on fire. He popped the whole field in 5 laps along with himself then left only 6 of us to duke it out for the win. I was feeling pretty good after that attack from Cakey off the start and just stayed with the group then a college kid from ASU blitzed off the front to never be seen again. I knew the kid and they wouldn't let him race 4's so he was stuck in our slow 5's class. No one answered his attack thank goodness because not one of us could have hung on his wheel for the rest of the duration. We chilled out and on the marker for 3 to go I asked Chris if he wanted a leadout on the 2 to go and he agreed. I led him out at the start finish of 2 to go pulling a small gap the relinquishing it to Chris so he could get 2nd after the ASU rider. I coasted in not caring after the lead out and finished in 7th the last rider that wasn't dropped.

sitting third wheel below.............


Jerome, that recipe calls for stumped whopped and crik washed fool! (Inside joke)

starting TT's was a first for me. It's actually pretty easy.

Pic courtesy of Bart Nave (yes I purchased this pic)
Just before I took Chris down the straight.

It was a pretty good weekend! Monday classes started and whew summer school is intense! 15 weeks crammed into 5! I've had to structure my riding time in between working at school and the shop. It's pretty stressful too.

This weekend I've got the choice of going to a charity road ride or a MTB race on Saturday. The knobbies win out for sure but since some folks came down for pedalfest I mailed an entry fee up there for my participation even though I'll be absent. Sunday theres a parking lot crit at the college, ETSU. If my legs say it's ok after the MTB race I'll give it a go, if not I'll just help out.

LAter G................................

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