Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trail Time

I think Elizabethton has taken the early lead in getting the Tweetsie Trail rails to trails project started. The railroad came out and ripped the ties from the ground about a month ago so all that's left is getting them off the ground so that the trail can be manicured. I'm really looking forward to this 10 mile stretch of trail too. This will be a sweet 20 mile round trip for the cross bike when completed. This is the area directly behind Grindstaff in Elizabethton.

Well, here's a picture below from the storm Monday afternoon 2hrs before the race. The main reason I didn't go to the Bay's Rally. I figured it would be a wash but I was wrong it just washed my place out. There's a duck pond that's usually there about half that size. This is a cemetery too, I was worried that caskets may start flowing down the hill as hard as it was raining. Another 6" or so and the pond would have covered the road!

The trails are still a mess on campus. I have 75% of them open but I'm waiting on campus to clear this big mess out, their rules not mine. I would have had this cleared last week....

One of the reasons campus grounds must handle this clearing. There are several 24"+ diameter trees hanging like this in the pic below. My little saw wouldn't put a dent in the mess. This huge half of a tree lies across about 50ft of trail along with the other 8 or so trees it fell when it broke away from the main trunk. It's funny that the DH trail didn't receive any blockage at all. It's the only trail on that side of the network that's open.

On a bike note: If anyone is looking for a Focus mountain bike or cross bike on the cheap we bought several Focus bikes from a shop in California that closed it doors recently. If you need a 29 or 26 aluminum hardtail call the shop 423.725.five.000 we have quite a few at unbelievable prices or send me a message here and I'll get you the info. They are averaging about 50% off retail..... hurry before they're gone.

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