Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting My Snap on

I love BMX racing! Plain and simple. I wish there was a track closer to home. The closest tracks that are near me are Morristown, TN and Weaverville, NC. I've had just a little bit of free time the last few Saturdays so I drove down to MoTown BMX to get some gate practice and see how rusty my skillz are. The 3 picture sequence below shows how slow my gates are but my 3rd, 4th & 5th pedal strokes make up for it. There's one A pro (Ian) and one expert (John) and two other young pups below that make me push myself to my limits.

As you can see Ian (red plate) and John (far left) get the snap and always do when I'm down there.
But by the 5th pedal stroke I'm up to third............................. braaaaaapppppp!!!!
The cruiser class has withered a tad so I get classed with the teenagers below. Some of them can kick my butt. I've been using the races as sprint intervals for my mtb training program. It's so much fun I don't even feel as if it's training yo!
OK. It's super motard time. I sold the little DR 200 and sacrificed the BMC TE01 26" for this Suzuki DRZ400SM. This thing is so much fun to ride and is gonna save me a ton of gas since I can leave moto-van at home for most of my commuting.
My buddy Bret in Knox-Vegas has gotten pretty serious about adventure touring in the last several years. He and another friend have done tours in Missouri and Maine so far. Listening to his stories has made me pine for another bike. I don't even want another crotch rocket so I was looking into the dual sport class bikes but then the supermotos starting catching my eye...... I'm addicted to anything with only two wheels.

Classes start next week and so does the collegiate MTB racing. 7 weeks back to back starting at UGA, FSU, ETSU, GA TECH, Brevard and finally U of Florida for conference finals. This is what I've trained for for the last 6 months. I don't expect to win but I hope to hold my own against the kids half my age. That's about all for now, I did get a Niner Air 9 Carbon but I only have about 50 miles on it so far I'll post about it later after I have some more miles on it. So far it's getting 4.5 scoobys!

LAter G.................................

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