Friday, August 10, 2012

Soggy Bottom

Whats been going on around here? Just trying to ride when it's not raining. I broke the new CX wheels in on the creeper last week. I also flatted a brand new tubie because I forgot to put stans inside before I rode them, my bad. Thus, I walked out 2.5 miles to repair it at moto-van and continued on my way.

Good news on the trailhead construction! It's finished. Ben completed the work and it looks better than some state parks. We now have 2 easy access points to the XC trail with a fancy kiosk installed too. Campus Recreation should be getting the signs and maps installed inside the kiosk soon.

Nice parking lot barriers and all. The split rail fence separates the 4X course from the XC course.
Ben's armouring jobs always amaze me! He is like an artist when it comes to armouring trail sections. If you need assistance or advice Ben's company is Click on the link for more info on his new company! You won't be sorry!
Oh, I mentioned rain didn't I? Well in July we broke the record for total rainfall, over 12" !!! August looks as if it's trying to compete with July. We received over 5" of rain in a little over an hour the other night. Floods ensued.....  One local bike shop got a taste of the rain's wrath. Luckily nothing was damaged.
Downtown was a mess! Downtown usually floods quickly when we get a heavy rain. They are currently and have been doing drainage maintenance during the construction of a new downtown park to relieve the flooding but they are still a ways away from solving the problem....
Yes! This is a rescue squad raft paddling down Market St looking for people that may need assistance. This all lasted for about 3 hours I think. Our Thursday night local ride has had to be re-routed due to the storms. Apparently there was a home that was washed from it's foundation on Dry Creek Rd and still has the road closed almost a week later.
Monday short track was a slop fest as you can tell from the muddy legs. It was soup mud! So wet that most of it wouldn't stick to anything. Most of the guys racing just sat up and took it easy because of the sloppy grass and nasty conditions. The ditch, we now cross 3 times, was rolling water about 8" deep too!
The poor duck pond has flooded 3 times this summer! I always wonder where the ducks get to when these storms roll in. It's like they just pop back out when the rain stops.

My new Air 9 Carbon frame should be here by the end of next week! I'm getting excited. I hope it has the same handling characteristics the EMD has. I'm also debating on throwing down for a new Fox fork with the kashima coating. I can't decide though because the X-Fusion Slider 29 is working great and is 1/3rd the cost of a Fox fork. Weight? nearly the same!

LAter G....................

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