Monday, October 15, 2012

AVLCX (Part 2)

After an amazing day of CX racing in Tennessee what could top that? ANOTHER day of CX racing but in Asheville! This race NEVER disappoints! You should just watch this even if you aren't a cyclist! If you missed this you don't know what fun is OR don't like having fun! Just kidding folks but this is one super fun filled race not just for the riders but for the spectators as well! Where in the heel are you going to find two peeps racing a tandem in cross and one of them wearing an Evil Knievel helmet along with a Texas Tuxedo??? YOU WON"T! They dam near killed themselves before it was over.
Megan went and rocked the women's race. This girl needs a new nickname besides "Molly the shop kitty"! We should call her "holeshot" because that's what she does almost every dam race!

Pisgah Brewery?? Well Yes I will...

This pic is a little out of line in the postings but they (D.O.G.S.) had alligator sausage and it was really good! I washed it down with a (3) tasty Pisgah Brewery Porter too.... YUM!

Just before the B race Autumn snuck over for a few shots of Dakota, myself, Bob and D-Wayne. As you can tell I came to have fun not to be a threat (not that I could) I didn't warm up at all I just rode two practice laps when I got there to see the layout. I did though make the pass of the day and should have got a trophy for it! When we went into the woods on the first lap riders were stacking up like train boxcars at this tiny double jump. I blasted right down the left side, kept my line on the left outside, held my line and passed 15+ people on one swoop. D-Wayne said I scared the rider in front of him and that rider crashed slowing everyone down even more through there. It's a shame the crowd couldn't see. That was my moment of the day, I just poked along for the rest of it having fun getting heckled.
The "cat in the hat pajamas" was the bomb! Megan's brother, Brian, joined the fun and did pretty good!
David showing he cares................ I can't repeat those things he said on here.
For the life of me I can't remember what we were laughing about below. The day was full of all out getting stupid. Myself, Sean and Megan in this shot. Did someone say knickers?
The Tanks rolling across the mountain. The leaves are almost there. They are just starting to get some color.
Yes the face of UGH! below
Below, the Smith's were in attendance too. Big D was kicking ass in the pro class until he rolled a tubie.
David Tankerlsy and kids during one of the few serious moments....
Nolan on course taking care of business! He was running well and had a small mishap very early but recovered well to finish a strong 10th! If he learns to control the mental part of his racing EVERYONE that races against him should be worried and will be racing for 2nds!
Mr. Wondergem rolled over to AVLCX with family and newborn baby in tow to watch Daddy kick some butt!
Stewie! Mike came to AVLCX and rode a darn good race. That bunch was tearing it up and laid down a blistering pace. That's Brad up front, former Brevard collegiate racer extraordinaire/ 2012 USAC US National Champ, leading.
Bobke made the trip over the mountain too! He was waiting for us when we rolled in at Pisgah Brewery. The MSG kits are looking pretty sweet. Light blue is the color of choice this season. It seems every team has blue in or on their kits this fall!
Photo Credits; Autumn Lewis

After racing or riding in Asheville the day wouldn't be complete without stopping in at Papas and Beers for a post race re-fueling. The crew was small but fun nonetheless. MSG takes next week off so if we want some CX racing it looks like NCCX is all that's available. I could write a ton more on this day but thats about all for now. Other things to do today, 1st day of Fall Break 2012.

LAter G.

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