Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chillin' with the Leaves

I had to take a break from "training" and just go ride my bike this weekend. I knew if I wanted to catch the colors of the leaves I had to go this weekend! So off to North Carolina for a little R&R on da bike. The question was where? The choices in front of me were Bent Creek or Dupont. Due to time constraints I chose Bent Creek. The drive over was very nice with the brilliant shades of amber that Mother Nature decided to paint the trees with this fall. On the drive back it seemed that the northern faces of the mountains were a tad more vivid than all of the others.
I managed to get 3.5 hrs of just riding my bike. All over the mountain and then some. There was a funny thing I noticed though... almost every bike I saw was either a Specialized or a Trek. I'm not blowing smoke either. In the parking lot where I parked I honestly only saw a Niner (mine), a yeti and a redline. The rest were special eds or treks, seriously. I just don't get it with all the choices there are out there....

Now I sit here frustrated trying to import a Maya mesh into UDK unreal. I've conquered getting the file in but for some reason the Maya texture won't come with it and I'm gonna scream if I watch one more tutorial video tonight. Maybe I'll cheat and texture it in UDK.

LAter G............

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