Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AVLCX Flats and Shade Tree Mechanic

This weekend was a busy one for me and I was lucky to get some competitive two wheel time in at all. B had to drive to Nashville for his son's competition so that left me or the A-Team to cover the shop. I volunteered since I have been MIA alot with this semesters heavy class load. It wasn't real busy but steady. Just slow enough I was able to close the shop at 2pm and drive to Ashe-Vegas for their last AVLCX race at Carrier Park. There was only about 30 riders because most of the more serious riders were in CinciNasty racing in the mud and cold weather.... perfect racing conditions! We on the other hand were racing in beautiful 60* fall weather at the park. I bet Cincy didn't have FREE beer.... Anywho I started the race, rode around for about half a lap and felt my rear tire going down. I stopped in the pits and tried to infalate it but it wouldn't hold air. I sat there looking pretty pathetic I felt. 30 seconds later the AVLCX attorney (Jason? sorry I forgot his name) said "here, ride my Raleigh". I didn't think twice. I took off and within 2ft realized I was riding a bike waaaaaayyyy too small for me. This thing was like a 52 or somethin'. Anywho I buckled down and rode my heart out. Knees in my chest and quads on fire I managed to hang with a small group of guys although I was a lap down.

Sunday consisted of bike repair, putting rotors on Austin's car then fixing the rear brakes and suspension on moto-van. I was worn to a nub I tell ya.

Here's a little video by Izzy "I wear snake skinned pants and no shirt" Cohan for

While I was working on the cross bike I kept noticing that the air was leaking from the sidewalls on my Vittiroia tubie. That's weird, I though to myself. So I put some Stans in the tubie and hit her with air..... Oh My Gosh. Stans started bubbling from all over every where from the sidewalls. I've never seen a leak like that. I tried and tried to get the stans to seal it but  it wouldn't. Over 6 ounces of Stans later and it's still leaking. With no other avenues to pursue I contacted Vittoria directly and asked for help. Their solution? They're mailing me a new tire... woop woop! Awesome customer service!

That's about all there is to post today I'm afraid. Ms. Lewis was in Cincy with J-man racing so I have no shutterbug to rip pics from this week. This week? NCCX in Wilkeboro, NC for two days. I would rather be in Louisville KY but that's a little to expensive for the 'old' college kid. I'm missing the MSG family.

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