Monday, November 12, 2012

Wilkesboro Cross Weekend NCCX Style

My weekend began with a little trail maintenance. Every 6 months I have to do a trail assessment and report for the University. I would have never known how to do such a thing if it had not been for Ben and Trail Dynamics letting me tag along while they did the first one here. It takes several hours that consist of walking and riding our trials. After Several hours out there enjoying the work I headed over to the main building to get the van for the trip to Wilkesboro NC for a little NCCX weekend action.

It's amazing how much color is still in our little patch of the woods.
I was shooting for a double race on Saturday. MTB and 3's. I would've rather raced the Masters 45+ 1/2/3 but MTB and Masters were running back to back so that was a no-go. Either way I was sure this was a disaster in the making since I had ZERO time on the bike this week because of classes. I was planning on using this weekend's racing for a couple of threshold workouts. Low and behold in the MTB class there was only 4 of us that entered. I didn't take out like a bat-outta-hell either I just rode 2 guys wheels to see what they were going to do. It ended up being a 3 lap pace-each-other until the last lap race. I was hoping to save a little for the 3's but I got greedy wanting to win and took the lead with 1/2 lap to go and held on for the W. Woe is me when it comes time for the 3's....
I did score a set of Panaracer tires for my efforts! Thanks Stackhouse & Panaracer!
Mr. Murdock has been shooting the photos for the NCCX racers! Thanks for the shots! I'm going to get over there and buy a couple!
This is a good advertisement for Niner! Not me, the bike goof!
I just want to go on record and state that I've ridden every lap but one on the Niner Air 9 this year. I started the Master's on Sunday on the BMC cross machine but I was running it a tad bit low on air in the rear  so I pitted after 1 lap and swapped back to the MTB. My lap times are, undoubtedly, faster on the fatties than the skinnies.
The man! Stackhouse. He put on a great weekend of racing! He heckles pretty well too!

I saw a little competition for moto-van in the pic below..... well, not really but COB may appreciate this picture.
Sunday Bob and I rode in the grey MSG kits. For some reason I love this kit. I'm "attacking" (lmao) the run up here in this shot. Most people rode this section.
Saturday's kits were blue.

Below, I think Kentucky took this for the earthquake they felt.....skinnies in pine needles = sketchy
Below; the one and only Brad Perley.... 2012 USAC National MTB Champion & Asst Coach Brevard College. This dude is a class act and fun to be around.
This is how you're supposed to feel when you finish a cross race below. Good hard effort my man!
Photo Credits: and J.A. Murdock Images

On the way back home the campus van started smoking from the rear wheel. Apparently the park brake didn't release all the way and stuck just a tad. After a little attitude the pads released fully and we were back on our way. We had a great weekend and beautiful sunny weather. Not cross weather, more like short track, but we'll take it. Big shout out to Mr. Stackhouse, his volunteers, the sponsors (more FREE beer guys), NCCX and the town of Wilkesboro, NC.

LAter G...............................

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