Friday, November 30, 2012

Crunch Time

Wow, it's been two weeks since my last post.... sorry.

After Wilkesboro I had more trail work to do on campus along with school work. I did find time to head down to KnoxVegas for turkey cross on the 24th. I think I got last place, yes DFL. The course was a roadies course no doubt. Mostly flat for spinners. I don't have that in me. After my race we all hung out and watched a pretty evenly matched pro race between Rimmer and Bassett that ended with Bassett winning by half a wheel, good racin'.

This week more school work and a couple of meetings. I'm working on getting those Dero bike fix-it stations for both of our trailheads paid for by the University's Green Committee. If there are enough funds I'm hoping they'll pop for shelters too! Cross your fingers. Needless to say the training has fell off a bit. In the last two weeks I've been able to get only 3 trining rides in. Sunday after KnoxVegas a few of us loaded up and pranced around Bent Creek NC for about 3 hours at a pretty good pace. Not a training ride but above avg riding speeds. It was nippy too! A trip to NC isn't complete without a stop at Papa's and Beers in Asheville so we piled in and ran into a few locals that we occasionally race cross with. Ride was awesome, food was great but all good things must come to an end and that time came... to head home.

The pressure has been on everyone at school due to finals nearing. The digital media classes have ramped up and I've actually enjoyed learning more cool stuff. Flash sucked but the UDK unreal platform is becoming easier the more I use it. For a final we have to model one building on campus. Here it's about 60% complete. There's tons of modeling in Maya, and Photoshop enhancements to go inside of  this thing. I've found new respect for game designers!! I have zero experience in UDK until 2 weeks ago. Learning new software frustrates me to no end. As I work I know there are shortcuts that could expedite my work so I spend time watching tutorial videos learning the ropes. So much time invested for something I'll not use later. I suppose it'll make me a more rounded digital media artists but I don't have to like it.... do I?

So now I pack my gear, ready for another installment of MSG racing. Tomorrow we venture over to Mars Hill College for the first race of the SECCC Collegiate CX season. I've got my A upgrade so that I can actually race in D2 at Madison in January! I only hope I can stay on the lead lap. The only reason I did this was so that later in life I can say that I raced in a Nationals collegiate event at 47yrs of age.

The weather is supposed to be chilly and pretty. I'll try to take a few pics and post them up later but I have to get this last week of classes under my belt first. Sunday there's a possibility of rolling over to Charlotte for a NCCX race.......... we'll see.

LAter G...................................

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