Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winding Down School & CX Season

Alas Fall classes are over and only 3 more semesters are left. I struggled to complete my UDK project mainly because I had no interest in this project at all. I'm not a gamer, I don't like video games. Why? Because I would rather be riding my bike than parking my arse on the couch playing a senseless video game. Before you start hatin' don't. That's just my opinion and whatever floats your boat you're entitled to it, like myself. It's not a personal comment...I would just rather be on a bike than playing a game in my extra time.

I've attached a finished video of what we worked on for the last 5 weeks of class. Yes, 5 weeks. Like I said before "I might not like playing video games but I have a new found respect for the peeps that spend so much time making them so real". We had to model a building on campus, this is Rogers-Stout.

So I end this semester with 2 A's and 2 B's. I used to be really anal about getting all A's but since I've relaxed my stance on that idea my stress level has been lowered significantly. I'm happy sitting with a 3.46 GPA.

Why do I have a tie on and all dressed up? Well, I applied for an internship position at a local company to film their products for their website. The interview went extremely well but there is something about it that seems a little off. I can't put my finger on it but we'll see.

Racing? I was able to manage the final MSG series, the VI collegiate cx race and only one race of the NCCX USGP in Hendersonville, NC. lately. I also managed to get a bug. Seems like a chest cold and not the flu thank goodness. I'm almost over it, enough that I'm planning a 3hr road ride today since the temps are going to be 60. Yes, 60 freakin' degrees in December..... wowzers.

I'm dead in this pic. It was all I could do to keep the pedals turning. This is right in the middle of my 'bug'. I wasn't breathing real hard but my heart rate was over 170 and I had NO energy. I was hoping this race would push the bug out of my system. Sunday's race called for rain so I stayed home not wanting to ramp up my illness to pneumonia. I rode more pathetic than usual Saturday, ha ha.

Above and below.......... if cupcakes are brought to a race around here they probably won't be eaten... they'll be thrown. Happy Birthday Coach Aaron! Team love by Connor proving that a cupcake can reach speeds in excess of 50mph. My poor Niner has had as much icing on it as mud this season.

What are these Oakleys doing here? I was lucky enough to win the raffle at the collegiate race! One ticket, $5 bucks won me a $200 pair of Jawbones. woop woop.

My training goal for the year was satisfied although it was a broad one; finish 45 minute races & get faster! I managed to come from a slow start and pick off a good many people in my masters class. I've been teased about my race tactics but the way I see it I'm not going to beat those pro1/2 racers so why leave the line acting like I can? Attack from the back was my motto....... it worked for me! The final results are YET to be posted in the MSG series but with only one, the final, race to be tallied in I'm setting a respectable 14th of 70 in Masters 45+ and 3rd of 20 in MTB. I haven't raced enough NCCX to put a dent in results there but those were used a training races. I'm happy that I could finish 45 minute motos without my back locking up like last year. I wish I could have been fit enough to race two races each day with the same efforts given as the first day. I'm workin' on that for next year. I may attempt SS again.
I snatch 90% of my photos from J-man's mom, below. Autumn runs all over the course snapping pics of her son Jordan that's on a tear lately. I just thought I would slide a pic of her and Jimmy (good people)in here so that the readers can see who I've been giving my photo creds to. Thanks girl!

Where to now? We have 3 weeks before we leave for Madison, Wi CX nats. There are only two races left around here and they are in NC, Raleigh and Fayetteville. That's a good 4-5hr drive but we need something to keep us going. Road trippin' for 10 days sounds fun don't ya think?

I'm usually not a big resolutions kinda guy guy but this year may be different. My choices with women haven't been the best of late so I may throw a little personal reconstruction in with the bike stuff this new year. Looks like "The Rules" may have to be permanently re-instated.....

LAter G....................................

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