Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year.... You say you have plans?

It's that time of year again when the general public gets motivated to visit the gym to workout for 4-6 weeks or until it gets difficult, the epiphany group and the ones that make resolutions every year just because that's what society does. Me? not happening this year. I'm also pretty sure I didn't do it last year either. I may take this time to reflect though...

There's no doubt I made several BIG mistakes this year but I wouldn't change my choices at all. As long as one learns from one's mistakes it's considered a positive experience. If you don't, well.... I know a few of those peeps. I, at least, can look at myself in the mirror and know that I answered that question that I NEVER like asking myself... "what if...?" I moved in with a girl Jan 1st 2012. First time I've lived with another woman since my divorce in 2000. I tried, it didn't work but I'm glad I tried and I know the answer to "what if I move in with her?" It was rough the last 6 months mentally but I sucked it up and held my ground 'til the end. I dated 3 or 4 others in this transition but no chemistry was to be found on either side. I've now moved into a nice little townhouse not real far from school on the watauga river. There's a garage to design so that will keep me busy when it's bad outside.

I'm working 3 part-time jobs, 2 at school and at a bike shop, managing a collegiate cycling team and learning to realize that I'll have two kids, not the one, that will be in college this year. I'm making less money annually now than when I was 18 but I've never been happier. I can't emphasise how much truth is in that statement. Its weird, it took me until I was 40yrs old to realize that money isn't everything.

I trained this year. With the help of a coach too. I know, I know for several years I was burnt out on trining/racing, the uber competition between friends and alot of other BS in the world but to be honest I missed it in the end. It really sucks losing fitness and it's many times harder getting it back than keeping it up. I did manage to reach 90% of my goals. I got faster on the MTB in collegiate racing, did really well in collegiate short track and managed to finish better than I expected in our local MSG CX series. That said, I really went out on a limb to/and qualify for collegiate CX Nats in Madison, WI this year. Me, a collegiate cyclocross A rider? wowzers! This, over the last few years, has become a mini-bucket-list for me... to compete at a collegiate national at my old age.

Bicycles..... my budget curse/ my simple pleasure. I manage most everything in my life pretty well except for bicycles but bicycles make me happy! When I find a woman that makes me as happy as bicycles do...

So what's in store for 2013? If the last few hours of 2012 and the first few of 2013 are a precursor of what's to come - 2013 will be superb. That was a hell of a NYE party. For the new year I'm going to knock out these last three semesters of school, keep my training on track and I'm happy with my weight of 180 but would like to flatten my stomach, ha. Lastly... take a sip of the 650b kool-aid. I could sit here and type what I'm going to do differently and all that pizazz but I won't. I know from experience if you want to make God chuckle tell him your plans. No one knows what the future holds but it's great to strive to be a better person, the world can use millions of those.

Lets get ready for CX Nats! Madison!

LAter G.............

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