Monday, January 21, 2013

A Season Closed.... Another Starts

Well I had a folder full of photos I was saving but by getting a new laptop for school and transferring files I seem to have misplaced that file. I could go to shutterbug Ms. Lewis and rip some off her FB page but I've done that just about every time I need pics.

It's been over a couple of weeks since my last post, sorry folks. I was 'trying' to focus on collegiate CX Nats enough not to be dead last. I'm way out of those guys' league but I managed to qualify and line up with the nations best in division II collegiate CX. The trip up was fun but one of our passengers got sick and we had to stop a couple of times for them to hug the porcelain throne.

I managed a top 10 start transitioning from asphalt to frozen dirt then I steadily fell back. I didn't get last though! I can scratch one off the mini-bucket list now... racing at a Collegiate National. I hope I can continue for next year at Boulder.

All in all it was a good trip. The weather was good, bad, cold and nasty at all different times. Snow laden course to nasty sloppy mud to frozen solidified mud. It was sooooo very cold the last day.

I've witnessed a many things this CX season; Bobs Red Mill Oats..$17??????? You people are Looney! (insert hashtag because it's what ya do) #fad - just because pros eat it. Next - alot of drama by the end of the season mainly amongst friends, animosity, attention whores, terrible USAC officials, great USAC officials, people just fed up, yes - hate will consume you, misunderstandings and peeps with their feelings hurt. It's hard to not get sucked up in all the drama so ya just have to deal the best ya can. I'm sure I created some as well - "everyone" is guilty. I think peeps need to communicate more. Im glad CX season is over then in the same breath I'm sad to see it go. It's a cycle just like the seasons, it'll be here again I just hope I'm here to see and be apart of it a few more times.

Whats next?

-The 6fitty carbon frame showed up and I'm just waiting on a few more parts to get here so I can finish the build.

-If the China 650b suits me I'll sell it and get the Focus Raven 650 - then the Air 9 Carbon Niner will get transformed into a CX racer prototype to experiment a little. I saw one at Wisconsin and it got me to thinking...

-There's another bike shop coming to the area, I hope they do well. The owners deserve it.

-I was able to assist in getting a BMX season (all in Feb?) started for collegiate cycling! I'm also in the process, with the help of 4 other guys, of getting a new USA BMX track located here in our town. This is a ton of work.

-I have a 'new to me' P2 slalom bike headed this way. Since MTB collegiate nats will be here only 40 minutes away the next 2 years I'm going to try to qualify for MTB Nats in slalom. Since it's closer to my roots I'm quite confident I'll get in.... winning it? I seriously doubt it. So it looks as if I'll be racing BMX all of Feb., practicing slalom and hoping this small cx fitness I've acquired will spill over into MTB season at the first of March.

-BMX and MTB racing is what I have planned for summer.

-School started with a bang Thursday. First day back 6" of snow fell and classes dismissed early. The town went freakin bezerk. Ladies a 4X4 is not invincible...

That's all I got for now.

LAter G..........................

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