Friday, March 1, 2013


Last week at the Southeast MTB Expo I was hanging out with a local rep for GloWorm that I've known for a few years. I was very interested in the new lights by GloWorm that are manufactured in New Zealand. These things are very tiny and compact but deliver a big punch. A true 1300 lumens on high and 4 programmable settings make these lights a true deal. The 2 year warranty that also accompanies them beats most others at only 1yr. The aluminum mounting bracket and spare lenses along with other spare parts included in the box sold me immediately.

I made sure my thumb was in the picture so that you could see how small the foam carrying zipper case really is. Yes, the light, bracket and Lion battery fits neatly in this little padded jewel.
I took this out back where it was away from the street lights and compared it to my 3 magicshine lights I have. Magicshine came storming on the market a couple of years back and has sold so many lights because the light is bright and inexpensive. Sadly they had battery problems and recalled nearly every one they sold. For a hundred dollar bill they were still a great bargain. Then, these magicshine copy lights started popping up all over Ebay..... cheap. I actually bought a few just to see, out of curiosity, if they were as good. They were. I've used those for a year now with no problems. GloWorm uses the same XL CREE led's that most are using now so of course they are going to perform well.
I took the GloWorm lights outside to compete with the magicshine and copycats. Magicshines "claim" 900 lumens but have been proven to only be 500-600 actual lumens. The test.....The GloWorm light lights beat the others easily. The depth that the X2 double gives is unbelievable for such a tiny light. Even the tennie X 1 single light, with 850 lumens, out powers the magicshines. I'll be testing these on the trail after we get back from the Maxxis Southern Series race in Sumter SC this weekend. Stay tuned if you're interested. If you want more info click on their logo below.

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