Monday, April 22, 2013

Getting Off The Ground

This weekend's weather was a tad chilly for the start of the Spartanburg Maxxis race, stop number 4 of the series. After my first race results I haven't been expecting much of my finishes. The starting order was reversed at this race. The first wave, Cat 1s and 2s, rolled out first but not this week. It was probably a blessing in disguise though as the temps were a bit nippy at their start time and I saw many riders racing in jackets and or arm warmers. The Cat 3s were already racing when we arrived.

We rolled off at 11:30 and my class was near the last one's to leave the line. The first half of the course was flat, smooth, swoopy single track. The latter half was full of roots and very short rolling hills so much that one might say there was no climbing and would suit the flat-land roadie types but I won't go there. My second lap was better than my first. After the first lap I felt better going faster on a course that I had one lap under my belt on. I will say "this was a fun flat course".

After it was all said and done I managed a 17 of 25 (I counted 26 heads at the start line) and although I had a sucky finish I felt really good on my second lap. The leg burn was manageable, I wasn't gasping for air, I just felt really good whilst in race mode.

There was a good amount of local peeps from East Tennessee at this Spartanburg race. It's good to see turnout from our area out there supporting MTB racing. It's sad that when there's an MTB event in East Tennessee the local turnout is sadly weak, I just don't get it. Next week is another flat, fast course in Columbia SC at Harbison State Park. Forecast is for rain so I will wait til later in the week to see what I'm doing on this one. Not sure I wanna get up early to drive 3 hours for a 1.5 hr race and drive 3 hours back, ya know?

LAter G.....................

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