Sunday, April 14, 2013

Skeptical Me?

 Oh yes, me, skeptical. The flash flood of the popularity of the XX1 Sram group got me to thinking about it a tad more lately. What's the fuss? No front derailleur, no front shifter on your bar, no cable? All that adds up to a significant reduction in weight, yes? Seems like a great thing! One ring up front that won't drop, a big enough cassette in the rear to make up for that "little ring" on the crank you're missing, drop that "little ring" and look like a tough guy amongst your peers, ehh? (No I'm not Canadian). It's new and I like the new stuff? My undies have SRAM printed all over them? I hate Shimano and would ride a horse before that junk? If any of these are the reasons you are interested look...

 Cutters usually go against the norm. I have a bit of cutter in me.

I've had this app in my phone since it came out, I love it. I've taken the ratios for a 29" wheel and throw them into this sweet app called iGear. You can get it for free! You can do it in excel too but you're a dork-tard if you still wanna after seeing this... If your an apple hater, well... I don't know what to tell ya.
This is what I got... when comparing the XX1 10-42 against the XT 11-36. //Sram 30 & 32 front chainrings. //Sram 26 x 39 cranks using the 26 exclusively.

We've got 26 (which I used as the 2x10 low gear standard) and the 30 & 32 front rings of the XX1. (There's also a 34 I think but we don't need it for this) My test is focused on just the low end of the comparison here so no top-end gear haters, please. If you're climbing and you need low gears to get you there XX1 IS NOT FOR YOU! Just take a look at the 30 x 42 ratio. This combo BARELY sneaks in below the easy 2x10 (26x39 crankset) ratio by .02 hundredths! If you're a die hard 3x10 rider for that extra low gearing (IE;22 or 24) stay away from XX1. If you're a racer and or like to hammer..... well your ship has landed in port! Next XX1 issue....... good luck finding a freehub body for your group. Well, unless you're riding DT Swiss hubs that is. Wonder why there's an overstock of those? I'll let you speculate on that. SO grab another $100 skin, $135 for Mavic's, to add to your XX1 groupo cost so that you can install it.... OH! Wait, you don't have a wheelset that anyone makes a freehub body for? Oh, you're farked then... go spend another grand on a set of wheels. Huh? No, No, No.... You're not installing XX1 on a $179 SRAM X5 wheelset just to get riding! We forbid that! All the weight you just saved and now you are going to throw on a set of lead wheels?? Mommamia!!! Yea, there are peeps out there that would do that.

Moving along........

3 more weeks and we'll host our gravity qualifier at ETSU. We've been out smoothing and shaping the berms for slalom. Things are coming along nicely. We also stepped up in the prize division too. Bars, grips, Mountain Khakis just to name a few for the winners. I'm also trying something new for XC this time, a 6 hr race. I really don't understand XC racers/riders in our area. The last time we hosted an XC race, a few years back, there was only about 17 riders and half were from outta state. It's ok, I guess, if they're not real racers around here but when you go on a group ride it would make one think differently the way they haul ass trying to beat one another. Maybe they're shy? Stidham said it best several years ago; "it's all about beating your buddies".

Anywho, we have about 5 classes for the 6hr race. 3 are paying money and 2 get the coveted shovel awards for 1st through 3rd.

 I saw this the other day and had to throw this in below for COB. The ultimate MC?

Disclaimer: It's no secret I don't promote, like or suggest SRAM road products. The shit breaks. Period. The mechanics are cool but it's unreliable. Period. The mountain stuff on the other hand is good stuff. It lasts, does what it claims and I would run it (I actually run Truvativ XX cranks) if I didn't like Shimano mountain products better. This wasn't a slam on XX1 just a warning to the riders that need a 22 or 24 for climbing that may want the kool-aid/hype then won't be able to ride/climb as easy as before, that's all. Carry on...

LAter G....................

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