Monday, April 1, 2013


Not much going on here lately. A little trail work with the tools of the trade below. I may have a new trail section addition soon. It seems there's been a footpath worn in on a section of our campus that I may get  to incorporate into the trail system.

I did get those circus monkey hubs in finally. This will be my second attempt at a tubeless CX setup for the cross bike/ The first time I tried it with a Ritchey wheelset using a Stan's CX tubeless kit, ya know, the rims strip style instead of tape. Needless to say the Ritchey rims didn't have much of a lip to hold a non-tubelss tire and compound that with a thick rubber rim strip sitting in there too. First flyover at Kingsport's UCI race my back tire blew out and sprayed everyone near me with Stans solution. Opps, sorry.

The non-tubeless Maxxis tires I'm using are the locust and mud wrestler. They popped right up and sealed just like a MTB tire! So far they're holding air and I hope to test them on a long Creeper Trail ride soon. Well, as soon as I get the Niner CX project frame in. Everything is here but those parts and they're teo biggies. Like I said in an earlier post; I like MTB frame geometries better for the aggressive CX racing so I'm going to give this set up a shot before returning to the conventional CX setups. I'm always trying something goofy with a bike. If I'm not winning ... I'm fiddlin'. So mostly I fiddle...

Umm, this spoke goes here and this one goes....
I really like building wheels but I don't do much of it except for myself and a couple of my friends. Reason? Well they way peeps bash one of the LBS's around here for their glue jobs I'm not even going there to build a wheel and have something tiny go wrong with it and forever be tagged the worst "whatever" or "that guy" there ever was. That's my reasoning.

I just hope these light hubs can withstand the disc braking. The mounting tabs are tiny on these hubs.... but their light! (roll eyes)

Living non-social media is going better than expected! I've not had any urges to go post my business for all the world to see nor worry bout what everyone else is doing. Well, I'm blogging.... to be honest this is like a bike diary. I enjoy getting these thoughts out of my head and from time to time I will troll back through my older posts to recollect some. Not having a TV on in the background is kinda weird though, I'm not a huge TV watcher but I've been replacing it with the radio and have found some interesting new music.... that's a plus right?

LAter G.....................

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