Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Hope every one's Memorial Day was a good one and let's remember all those great men and women that go that extra mile so we can pedal all our miles. Thanks!

It 'twas a busy weekend for the Scoob. My weekend started with a change of plans on Friday. I was going to camp Friday after the Asheville CX race but wimped out because I didn't wanna fill the van with crap to stay warm with 30 degree temps forecasted. It was a bit nippy during the race too. As every Asheville event provides there was plenty of peeps, beer and music to be had.

A couple of my buddies were banging it out together in the first race of the night. Cob and Jimmy attacked this race with two totally different plans. Jimmy went all out at first passing our setup location rolling in the 3 spot on the first lap. This was his first CX race so we were all pretty stoked for him and of course he got the cheers and heckling he so deserved. Cob was attacking in a different way. He started further back and steadily kept inching his way forward and finishing a solid 9th. Jimmy did great and finished 12th, awesome job for a first race.

Next up D-Wayne and I were set up in the sandbagger class.... opps I mean the B class. Just a FYI, the top 10 guys that finished in the B class are scared to race the A class..... fact! I swear... egos! Anywho I get the speech from D-Wayne that he's gonna just ride the race... bla, bla, bla. He bolts outta there like somebody kicked him in the arse. I on the other hand knew that we would be stacked up leaving the race track and took my sweet time getting there. Upon arrival I was administering one of my infamous swoop moves when one of the AVLCX guys grabbed my right arm and said "oh no ya don't" stopping m dead on my tracks. I laughed because If I had got through that tight spot I would have passed at least 12 riders in one move. Anywho... I tried to go all out but the thick wet grass ate me for dinner. Zapped every watt I had, all 3 of them, outta my legs. I just did a workout for the rest of the race finished a sad 25th outta 30.

Up next the A race... I had plenty of buds racing this so I watched closely. Mr Sheedy, one of my friends, laid the hammer to the pack right off the bat.He eventually won the thing easily, great job Sheedz. The one to watch was little Jordan Lewis, well hes about 6'3" and 15 yrs old so I shouldn't use little to describe him, but he was on fire. He was on the new Focus bike he bought from our shop and wasn't used to the Sram components, D-wayne and I tell him Campy all the time, so he got of to a bad start and was last coming around to exit the race track. He started picking off one rider at a time until he reached 6th , WOWZERS! That's pretty amazing considering the bunch he was racing. Jordan caught some guy on the back stretch and he started doing lap times on Sheedz and Jordan. Jordan was the fastest rider out there. We Jordan had been sick the day before and that caught up to him with 1.5 laps to go. He pulls off the curse at a porta-john and upchucks for 10 minutes in there. Just going in those things makes ya wanna do that. I was impressed though.

After the racing it was time to trade in the little yellow slip we racers were given at registration for a free Highland Brewery beer. I had a nice dark brew before we decided to pack up and head to Papa's and Beer just down the road. Yum. Filled up our bellies and headed home.

Saturday I managed to get a quick workout in before doing a few things I had to do for Pedalfest. I wanted to get a few loose ends tied down so I could get a long ride in Sunday since I most likely would not get to ride on Monday during Pedalfest. So Sunday, I rode the Kingsport funfest race loop at Bays Mountain. I nice little 15 mile loop with a little over 2K of climbing per lap. I knocked out 2 laps in 3.5hrs and threw my jello legs into moto-van and headed to Barberitos for a fill-up.

Monday, time for Pedalfest. I was a little worried that turnout would be poor. That would not be that case thanks to my secretary getting the word out in 4 weeks or less. Thanks mamma-J! We had 50 riders show for the little 32 mile ride to the Watauga Dam and back. We piggy-backed events with the Bonnie Kate Bike Bash this year and it was a total success! I think next year I'm going to add a 50 mile option up to Cross Mountain. I think offering this ride for free was a good idea. This way I didn't have to design a T-Shirt, arrange a food sponsor and chase down sponsors for the back of the shirt to make sure we made money for the fund raiser. I was surprised at how many riders turned down raffle tickets that were $5. We had Lazer helmets, multi tools, Lazer sunglasses, etc... a good selection of prizes to win. I bet they didn't turn down the water and gatorade that was purchased for them up at the dam. ( I'll leave out my smarta$$ comment here)

So, it's Tuesday and I'm still not done. Since Campus Recreation was off for 2 weeks I got to take a break from trail work on campus. I wish I would have stayed on top of it. It took over 4 hrs to trim back a 1.5 mile section of trail today. Crazyness!! The briars have been fed miracle grow or something!! I've got several days of trail work ahead of me it seems.

Get this.... The first EVER outdoor National AMA Motocross is coming to my old home track at Muddy Creek and I have graduations to attend this Saturday..... ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! VP, Dungey, Roczen and all the others racing in my back yard...... did I say ARGGGGGHHHHHH????? No Brapppp for me! Dammit!

Later G.................

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