Monday, June 3, 2013

Countdown to Road Trip

I've got to say first thing... road group rides have all but turned into sucky times on a bike in our area. I honestly don't get it. We have guys showing up to easy/beginner group rides and doing workouts, we have racers show up to group rides and rip the group to shreds because of incapable riders try to keep up and pop, riders show up talking smack about winning the ride (it's not a race moron(s)), and all other kinds of stupid shit happening. Why does one come to a GROUP RIDE and motor off to ride alone or with one or two riders? Roadies are freakin' weird, egotistical, snooty and just plain #&@&^!@%. This crap doesn't happen with mountain bikers around here. The only thing a road bike is good for is a tool to train with. We used to have great group rides around here in which groups with the same abilities rode together, stayed together and didn't try to prove anything to one another. The fast guys rode with other fast guys and so on. It's just plain freakin' retarded now. Oh well.... If I wasn't bitchin' I wouldn't be me huh?

After hours of careful planning I think I've got the trip planned for my summer trip. Being on a uber-tight budget I have since converted moto-van into a mini-camper or sort of. I took out the back seats, mounted a false floor big enough for a twin mattress, relocated the tool box, moved the inverter forward and have plenty of storage boxes set up underneath the false floor.... I'm almost ready, I guess. The only thing I haven't set in stone is when. So far it's gonna be after Father's Day, maybe, probably the 17th.

I'll start by stopping off in Little Rock, Arkansas and trying a short 10 mile trail called Ben Geren Park. I want to make sure I'm able to get a ride in each day while traveling so I can do 2 loops to get a 20 miler in. Afterwards I plan on heading to Stillwater, Oklahoma to McMurty Trail for a 15 mile ride. The next stop for moto-van is PaloDuro Canyon near Amarillo, Texas. I used to travel by here many times when I was a truck driver but never had the time to stop and ride so here's the perfect opportunity. The next state is New Mexico. I'm torn on how many days to stay here and ride. Taos, Angel Fire, Los Alamos; its like being 5 years old and stuck in a candy store right? Whenever I'm done here it'll be time to truck up to Colorado. I'm going to Crested Butte for sure and Breckenridge then wander around like a nomad with a bike. I have no time restraints and long as the money holds out, what little there is, I'll keep driving around hunting for trails to ride. After I've had my fill (not possible but...) I'll head home via Kansas stopping at Switchgrass for a 25 mile trail system. Next is Steelville, Missouri and a trail system called Berryman. There's plenty of riding miles here. My last stop on the way home is Golden Pond, Kentucky and the Land between the Lakes. I've ridden here before many, many moons ago and want to see it again.

Well that's the plan anyway. I hope I can stick to the planned agenda. If everything clicks I should be back in around 15-20 days. I'm gonna try to write something each day while its fresh in my head. If I don't have any wi-fi I'll just jot it down in a word document and save it.

LAter G........................

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