Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gra=vel Grinding

For the last several Wednesdays I've been traipsing up to Damascus, Va. to ride the 68 miles of the Virginia Creeper trail. Its a rails to trails trail that is the life blood of that small town. It's also helping me work on a good base for cross.

I've been starting at Damascus and riding to Abingdon first and the other way to White Top alternating weeks. Here I'm sitting out a shower that I got caught in this past Wednesday. There was alot of rumbling thunder too. That's the main reason I sat at the trail head in Abingdon for a few minutes.

Black cinder. This stuff gets everywhere and it also wreaks havoc on a drive train too. It's still all over me after rinsing off at a fountain.

I've experimented with widening the bars on my Niner cross bike. I went from a 44cm to 46cm and I absolutely love it. If I could find some cheap 48's I think I would try them for a ride or too. The Niner gravel grinder is almost dialed. I think I'm going to be satisfied riding this for cross season. The disc brakes are the bomb also. I can brake with just one finger and have the option to lock the rear wheel to slide it around a turn if needed, something that's not as easy with canti's. So for the first time I'm REALLY excited for cross season. Now, mind ya, I have one more season of collegiate cycling season but I'm getting the cart before the horse it seems.

On the work front I've totally given up on finding a full time summer job. I'm just sticking with the trail maintenance and part time gig at the bike shop. I hate this for all the bike shops but I think it's hilarious that road racing and road recreation riding is at an all time low (in our area). Road bike sales are down but mountain bike sales are banging. The local trails are seeing lots of traffic and it's awesome.

I'm still thinking about a quick weekend or week long trip SOMEWHERE since I'm not getting to go to Colorado. I cant think of any place within a 5-6 hr radius that I haven't ridden. Oh well......... we'll see.

LAter G............................

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