Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Yea, I'm a special case.................. This is what you do when you wear a T-shirt of a brand that you don't sell when you're working at a shop. Make fun of said company on your shirt. I was lucky I didn't get in trouble.

Our trails have taken a beating with all the rain we've had in East Tennessee. Last time I checked the state of Tennessee averages 42 inches of rain per year in East Tennessee. We are within 4 inches of meeting the total for the year and we're only 7 months into 2013!

This is what bad weather does to our trail system. Trees fall, bad erosion and peeps riding on wet trails...

I decided to make a short re-route instead of taking 4-5 hrs to remove several trees laying in the trail for over 30 feet. (see tree mess to the left in the pic)

See below...... I'm straight up tellin' da truth! My over flow lagoon at the house has filled a many times this Spring and Summer. I'd say it's about 4ft deep here in this pic.

Next Project: Armour a section at one of the trailheads on campus that stays wet because of a small spring. Campus Rec popped for a pallet of flagstone and this saved so much time. I would have been marching all over looking for the perfect rocks to lay in this heavily traveled part of the trail. The director for outdoor recreation had 5 students that needed work hours so I had several extra hands this morning tackling this project. Having the rock delivered with 50 ft of where they were needed was awesome and saved so much time. A+++

Here's the muddy section just off the parking lot that never dries. The many downpours we've experienced this year hasn't helped the situation at all. This should solve the problem and protect this section of the trail.
So lets get started.....................
6 peeps & 3 hours later this is what were able to accomplished. I also reinforced the water bar by cleaning it out an digging it several inches deeper. A trail machine would have would have made that work a lot easier.

I'm glad I'm getting a lot of projects completed this summer. There's only 7 weeks left until fall classes begin too. I've also thrown another iron into another fire and I hope the fire stays strong with it in there. If it does I hope to only be managing one fire for awhile. More about that on a later post ... hopefully, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Mr. Appleby did a lot for our trail system before he graduated and moved on. I'm just trying to do a few things to keep up.

LAter G................................

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