Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lotsa Rain but I Hear Jazz in the Air

Man the weather man can't predict squat anymore. I was all gung ho to go ride today but after I got up and looked outside I was disappointed. More gloom, it was supposed to be sunny and 45! NOT!!! Nice frozen chill coming down from the north this week. The lows are supposed to be in the single digits this week for about three days. So more indoor rollers and pilates are on the radar. Andy and Chris still went to Dupont today. Probably wont be the best of conditions to ride in. One of the reasons I didn't go with them was: if its raining and I can't work on a trail I shouldn't be riding them in the same conditions. I just got over being sick so I decided to stay here. I bailed yesterday on the trail workday after I seen that the rain would be here before we would be able to finish. Although they worked, I have to give all of them props for working hard in the not so pleasant conditions. So, good job guys!

Last night Angie and I returned to Bonnie Kate Cafe' in Elizabethton, Tn. for another tremendous meal. I'm telling you, if you live around here and really like GOOD food, you should go! The blackened trout was a very toothsome dish and the chocolate espresso cheesecake was delectable as well. The carmelized bourbon salmon is my favorite so far though. Service was superb, It's hard to get good service very often and he's got three great servers. Brian even hired a Jazz duo to play for a couple of hours! The Mo Blank Jazz Duo were quite good. Soft jazz, nothing crazy to make you get out of your chair, just some very nice subtle dinner music. It was great. We also seen some friends, Janine and her husband along with Jonell were there. I also seen some other guys that ride but didn't know them. Brian's place is small but its some of the best tasting food around here. The Gourmet in J.C. is pretty good also but Brian beats them in my book. Although they don't serve alcohol at the Bonnie Kate Cafe' he will let you bring your own wine and not charge you a cork fee. He's awesome in my book! Give it a try...

We have been watching a series that used to be on showtime, Dexter. Its about a forensic cop (that happens to be a serial killer) that specializes in blood splatter. We watched the whole 12 episodes in one week. I usually don't watch much TV. I think that was more TV for us than the whole summer except for July when the tour is on. It was pretty good I do have to admit. We have another season to go but I think we are going to watch the second season of Lost next. These two seasons should get us through winter....I hope!

Later G ................................................


Darth Duncan said...

First, I agree, Dexter is an awesome show. New season starts sometime soon. I don't have Showtime, but I've been able to watch a lot of episodes.

Second, WTF does "toothsome" mean?

Third, when did you start using words like delectable?

Alan said...

You only think you know me! Im just like DEXTER I have a side that you will NEVER know.

Toothsome? your the educated one, look it up yo.

I used to run in some very different circles. ha ha I have a very expensive taste, even so I cant even afford it. If you hang around you might see a different side of me