Saturday, February 28, 2009

1100 Miles is that all ??????


I have been following this girl Jill's blog for quite some time now. She rides in snow almost everyday and the ice cold freezing temps, I won't even go there. Tomorrow starts the Iditarod Trail Invitational. Tomorrow at 2:00 PM 47 racers from 6 different countries, including the United States, Italy, Austria, Australia, Spain and England will leave the starting line at Knik. 28 bikers, 3 skiers and 17 runners. Man These folks are the most crazy insane type of people that one could ever imagine. They make all the 12hr &24hr endurance racers look like they are in a pre-K headstart program. I mean from Anchorage to Nome ??? what the heck! 1100 miles, that's some serious cycling in some of the worst conditions imaginable. There is a much shorter 350 mile version , but what the hay? If you're out for a little 350 mile stroll through freezing, snowy, blizzard like conditions at times, you might as well do 1100 right?? This race is life threatening to say the least. You can keep up with her progress here and here. I'm not one to worship someone else's blog like some folks I have seen do, but this Jill gal is just super tough (or a little crazy). Either way I wish her the best of luck and wish everyone that reads this to say a prayer for all the folks competing up there because this is truly a dangerous race. Good luck and Godspeed Jill !!!!!!!


Now for a change of venue. Next Friday I get to tag along and wrench bikes for the Everedy Cycling team down in Florida for the first SERC race March 8th. The forecast is calling for sunny and upper 70's to low 80's. Oh how I need some of that right now. I will get to pre-ride the race course Saturday with the team but I won't be racing on Sunday. I will have the GoPro ready and available to video some of this course on the pre-ride. I will have some mechanic duties to fulfill for the team on Sunday. I normally would have a hard time with going to a race and not racing but I accepted the invite (sorta pushed it a little...wink wink). So Sunday I will work on bikes, hand out water bottles, clean bikes or whatever they need me to do. I look forward to helping this year.

Later G ............................................

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khswes said...

prepare to have a different experience than you are used to at those other mtb "races". handing water bottles is a full time job, and probably THE most important job. do me proud boy :D