Friday, February 6, 2009

Sittin' Here Waitin'

This is what the weather has been like all week here. Cold and snow. I don't see how all my northern blogger friends take it living up north. I would need serious therapy by now knowing that I probably had a couple more months of this. We are not used to this stuff. By now we have already had a couple of days that tease the trees into thinking that the spring temps are almost here. The last couple of years February has been the coldest of the winter, but this year I think December topped it. Today we should hit 50+ degrees and tomorrow it supposed to be 60+. Finally!!!
Road trip planned also for tomorrow over to N.Wilkesboro to pre-ride a race course that happens in April. The 6hrs of Warrior Creek. I was really wanting to do a co-ed team for this race but both my prospects have plans that weekend, darn it!!!! I guess I will just ride it by myself for fun. Sunday has another road ride. 50 miles or better, I HAVE to put more miles in now. My indoor workouts are going to have to take a backseat for the bike seat (har,har, I made a pun). I have maintained a steady weight @187 now and I think that if I can ride more it may help it fall a little more. I can tell a difference in my core too. Although I'm no strong man I'm able to do more now with the workout program I have been doing. Baby steps! By May and June I should be where I want to be for the road with some MTB and by October I should be ready for cross again. My goal this year is to ride as good or better than the 2007 season on the road bike. For now lets just look out the window and watch the snow melt!!!!

Later G.......................................

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