Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Cake?

Well today it's Austin's birthday. He's 14 yrs old and growing. My mom has a little pizza dinner that we are going to throw down for him on Saturday. He had intramurals ( I guess that's how you spell it) yesterday at school and his class won again. Three times in a row....undefeated! Tonight he has his eighth grade prom so I won't get to see much of him tonight, then he's sleeping over at a buds house. I won't get him 'til Saturday afternoon, ahhh the life of a teenager. Those were the days. With that said I won't be able to make it to the SERC race in Winder, Ga this weekend. All is not lost though. Tonight some peeps from the Mtn. bike club are doing a C.R.A.W.L. in downtown Kingsport. CRAWL you ask?? Cyclists Riding and Wanting Libation. We just roll through the downtown streets and hit a few pubs and grab a bite to eat along the way, lotsa fun.
Saturday morning I'm debating whether or not to go do this before I pickup Austin, yea this right here. It's not a race it's a metric century just a charity ride, you know a touring event. But as usuall the gear heads take off and raise hell. For the most part it's kinda funny, they are up there competing and we are in the back just right there with them, all 100+ of us. That's right fellas do ALL the work while we relish your draft. But 35 miles later when we get to the hills they hammer on. They race all the way back to the start\finish and avg 27+mph, that's pretty good! Don't get me wrong I LIKE to race but at an event that is a race. These are like free-for-alls. No way I can hang with CAT 1-2 or 3 guys, I'm not in that kind of shape. Hey but to each their own. I will decide later tonight at the CRAWL probably, one step at a time! I better go get Angie's cruiser ready and mine also. They have been sitting for several months, that's the only reason we bought them was for the CRAWL's. Have a great weekend everyone!

Later G........................

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