Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last night I was beside myself on what to do about riding this morning. I didn't want to take time away from Austin to go ride my bike since I had not seen him in 2 weeks. He's getting at that age to where the parents aren't cool anymore and he wants to spend the majority of his time with his friends ( Que violin music and wipe a tear from Dad's eye) cough cough hhhmm hhhmm. Ok back to topic, Last night I knew if he stayed up late as usual he would sleep most of the morning. So, he stayed up late and before I went to bed at midnight I told him I was going to go ride and be back before he got up. He said cool so I felt much better, no guilt!

I got up at 7, made some breakfast and loaded the bike. Angie stopped by on the way to the DZ , then I was off to PEDALFEST. It's a local ride that has a 22 or 33 mile version to raise money for the Carter County Parks & Rec. they have no funding by the city (small town). Brian at Hampton Trails backs this ride is why I always choose to support him. I back out of the driveway and turned left onto Cherokee rd. After I got to the JFMC route (they were also doing this charity ride today - logistics crap) I was stopped by a cop holding traffic for all the riders doing this charity ride here in J.C. I watched as the "fast group" flew by and then all the stragglers. They must have had a poor turnout because it didn't take very long at all and we were released to go on our merry way. I arrived to the park, parked beside AKS and Mr. Smith. I got dressed in my kit and got my chat on with everyone. I started at the very back, I think only about two folks refused to move until we started pedaling. I rode with AKS, Hummer, Mike and the infamous Mr. Jon Horne! I was content on just taking it easy when Mr. Horne started pushing it a little. I was more comfy with a faster pace so I sat on and he started picking on Mike Smith. He blew his doors off with a giggle and smile with me in tow. Soon he let me take point, Mike caught back up and we made the climb at the dam. After getting up and over I seen the lead group coming back out and my roadie instinct said "get'em". I almost took off but resisted the urge and just pedaled my own easy pace. Anthony catches up saying I finally caught ya, I didn't see ya pass me. We rode together until the 22-33 split where I peeled off so I could get back to Austin before he got out of bed. I walked in the door and he was already awake with the TV on. I made him some waffles and I got a mid-day snack. We just hung out until movie time. We rolled into town and took in the movie Star Trek............don't waste your money! The graphics are great but story line stupid IMHO. After we got home I made din din and I tinkered with my bike. You can't be a serious cyclist and not touch a bike daily yo! I had not blogged since Wed. so I thought I would put out a few words from the scoob.

Sorry to bore you guys, may try to get in a ride at Bay's tomorrow after church. Mark hooked a brother up with some sweet new XTR hydros! I'm itching to see how they compare to my last hydro's, Avid Juicy 7's. I'm not a huge fan of hydros and I have always preferred the Avid BB7's over everything else. I haven't tried mineral oil hydros so here's my chance. I will give an update soon.

Later G...............................

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