Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fast Bike.......

Yea, fast bike! I wasn't pedaling though. Last night Angie and I fired up the Ducati and rode out to the Lakeview Marina. I haven't been there in ages. I usually go to Sonny's even though it's been awhile since I have been there. We rolled out and took the long way through town. Every time she tells me to ride it I usually turn the opportunity down. I'm afraid that feeling of wanting another street bike will creep into me and I won't be able to control it, nonetheless afford one right now with starting school. It was fun though! I was a little rusty at doubling someone but I smoothed it out within about 15 minutes. It's cool that she rides, it made it a ton easier. Cornering was a breeze with her on the back. She was taught well!! Just before we got there we ran through a small rain shower and just before we got to the airport we ran out of it. That's good cuz I didn't want to go to din din soaking wet.

This morning when I awoke I felt like crap. Had to have been something I ate out there. I was supposed to go to the SERC race in Chattanooga this weekend but I have been on the couch most of the day.

This morning as I was taking out Angie's trash I spotted this little bandit stuck in the dumpster. They get into the dumpster and pillage through the trash if people leave the lid open. They usually can just climb back out if it's half full or better. This time he must have fell in with it empty and couldn't get out. I gave him some water and put a 2X4 in so he could climb out later. I went back to check on him and he had rescued himself it seemed because he was GONE!

LAter G.....................................

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