Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My head...........

This is the way my head has felt since Sunday after going to the marina Saturday night. DO NOT EAT THERE! It's probably not where I got it (sinus cold) but it's whom I'm blaming (insert smug smile here). I rode to the top of Buffalo Sunday evening by myself just to get out of the house. I rode very easy feeling poorly and took my camera. A humongous thunder storm snuck up on me so I had to pick up the pace somewhat to get back as it started raining on me before I got back to the Xploder. I can't believe that when I got back to the house just a couple of miles away there had been a nasty storm blow through. I was lucky it missed me on the mountain. You know when you slow down in life you get to see things you sometimes miss! Here are a couple of pics of stuff I usually take for granted when riding:

Monday I rode Everett's Beg/Recovery ride he hosts on Mondays from the wellness center @6. It's a nice easy paced ride that reminds me how the TNR began. I struggled the whole ride, any time I raised my heart rate slightly I wanted to start hacking. I toned it way down and just chatted with Ang the whole trip. That parking lot at the top of that one hill claimed another rider. That's two weeks in a row that someone has just fell over and hurt themselves. Well it's Tuesday and my head still feels like crap. I was reminded today that it could be worse so I will stop my whining now..........Hope ya feel better Mike!

There might be a little somethin' somethin' coming in the mail for me soon!

LAter G.........................

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