Monday, September 28, 2009

SAFETY or C.Y.A.???

This is Ben Apple"beast" hard into some deep thought or maybe its serious boredom. Today we had to take a test after a long lecture on safety so we can drive the team van for ETSU. Now mind you most places require that you have a CDL (commercial drivers license, I DO!) to haul folks around but not my greater educational establishment ETSU.

Look at Josh, LOL!!! He looks like he's just about to tip over and fall asleep. This 3.5 hr lecture should have only been about 1 hr. tops! All the videos that we viewed were of 1980 cabover semis running over small ford escorts, not very entertaining! After we were handed our tests I think all of us were finished within 5 minutes or so maybe sooner. After I turned mine in Ben, Josh and I were hanging out in the cafeteria for a bit then I rode back home to study for a test that I had in a computer science class I had today. I totally slammed dunked it to. I think I may have missed one question that was thrown in at the end of which we haven't studied yet. Get'r dun!

I finally got both the CX bikes tuned in today, they are ready for battle this Saturday and Sunday at Domtar park in Kingsport, TN! I'm looking forward to this CX season although I'm not in any shape to be very competitive. I'm also skipping the last collegiate race at Clemson, S.C. this weekend to race the MSG series races. It's the last race before we send our gravity boys out west to Lake Tahoe to kick some National butt. Tonight I got Angie to get on her road bike for the first time in I don't know how many months. We got her a brand new BMC street machine from Hampton Trails that actually fits her. We didn't ride too hard since she hasn't ridden in a while just a nice little spin for about an hour.

Later G............................................


Anonymous said...

Good job on the test. You are doing well and it'll pay off. Hang in there dude! On a side note, I've got the SS built up and ready for action this weekend. Fun times ahead.

See ya this weekend,


Hey Larry, can't wait for you to kick my but! I hope I have the right gear for SS 42x22? may switch to the 21.

Anonymous said...

With my current state of cardio fitness I won't be kicking anyone's butt. I am running 32 x 15 so you should be good. I had the 32 layin around so it got used. I have been regularly doing core strengthening and weights but the cardio has suffered greatly. I may tie a rope to your seatpost.