Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looks like Europe

As Sunday rolled around I headed to downtown JC for the crit early in the morning. I love racing crits even though they can be painful sometimes. I had a good one going staying rested near the back until next to last lap. I was checking lines and watching to see where the "good line" was going to be for the last lap. As we rolled up to the final turn with 2 to go I was cruising on the right side and they all checked up and that spit me out front in 1st where I did not wanna be. Going down the finish there was a nasty headwind that sucked the energy out of your legs if you were not drafting someones wheel. Neeedless to say it zapped me and all I was able to hang in for was a 7th....meh, I sucked!

We were able to enjoy some crit racin' from the side though. This place has a great many places to enjoy the racing from downtown.

photo credit: ducky

Monday I got the call that a friend is selling all his stuff and needed some help. He was quite gracious for the help too. I scored alot of sweet campy parts and chi chi's! He's selling both his lynskeys and his superfly SS frame and fork as well. If anyone is interested shoot me a message and I will give you all the skinnie on it.
Time for more riding today as I need to catch up from where I was organizing pedalfest and B going on vacation, that somewhat kept me from enjoying the sound of my wheels going round and round.
LAter G...........................

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