Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monkey Wrenches

I finally got started on some of the Niner demos. We have three but we are still waiting on the drive trains to come in. The rock shox forks arrived today from the most horrible freight company ever (UPS). Well the delivery guys are pretty good but customer service SUCKS! SO, these forks (3) arrive and I'm ripping boxes open like it's Christmas time. Most all the repairs are caught up and waiting on ordered parts so I get to play. I finished up the rear brake on Mark's Santa Cruz Tallboy (they shipped it with two front brakes). We had to wait for Santa Cruz to ship Mark the rear brake, they really dropped the ball on this one! Mark called them and let them have it, some companies don't understand that someone that buys a 3K bike EXPECTS some customer service! It took a week but we finally got it! Next I put a seatpost in the RIP 9 and in the stand she went. First impression? Wow this frame is HEAVY. This thing is going to be a tank even with the Stans wheelset we bought for it. I managed to get the wheels, bars, fork and stem on her before I left today, Now I'm waiting on the drive-trains...... Friday I MAY be like Capt. Dingo but we'll have to see how the slow brown truck does.

So, now for monkey wrenches. I was planning on the NTMBA poker ride Saturday (that's a go) then somewhere Sunday. I have two choices; Bent Creek CX or Haw Ridge in K-town. I'm on the fence there. Now after Sunday I wanted to go to FATS trails system near Augusta, but now can't, why? (read, scroll down) It's closed for hunting this and next week, only open for bikes on Sunday, damn hunters. So now I have to make a plan C or D or somethin'. I can go to Tsali? or Black Mountain and do the ORAMM route? or head to Dupont? Either way the colors should be beautiful and the forecasted weather looks great. Decisions decisions. Tsali, Dupont, Bent Creek and ORAMM have nice campgrounds so what does a mountain biker do?

Oh, Brent Bookwalter tweeted today........................... click da => tweet. Hell Yes !!!!!!

LAter G..........................

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