Saturday, January 22, 2011


Above are the results for the Tn CX State Championships finals for mountain bikes (a first). There were over 20, I think, total for the first ever MTB class in MSG so I'm hoping that we will see a regular MTB class in next years series! Top ten finish for no base riding in me, I will take it!

Met a bunch of guys at a local bike shop today for a little road ride. When I arrived it was a cold 31* with a light breeze.......BRRRRR! Cold weather riding and I go together like oil and water. I bundled up well, heck I even had neoprene booties on. We get started and it wasn't really that bad - I manage to ride in comfort for awhile. We come upon a huge stretch of ice between Bluff City and Elizabethton. I was very concerned that I would eat it. It lasted for over 100yds and we hit more before we got to the watuaga turn off. My legs were like pieces of concrete, I couldn't get any warmth into them no matter how hard I pushed on the small hills. I just sat in and rode back to the shop where everyone parked. Some of them were heading back out for one more lap for some tempo............ not me! I'm not training! I came home and stood in the HOT shower for over 20 minutes. It felt good to ride and not having my nose in the books!!

Someone (Chapman) was excited to see me but I knew this pic would lead to heckling on FB later...... I was right, thanks Judy Chop! Hopefully there will be more wheel spinning tomorrow before this next snow storm hits!

LAter G..........................

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Anonymous said...

So let me guess this straight, Jason Lewis rides under Everett's racing team but Everett doesn't? He rides for someone else? I have no clue why anyone would want to ride for the TCROC.

And yes I added the "O". (Tri-Cities Racers Only Club).

Anyway, great job guys. Looking forward to the 6WC. Should be interesting for me.