Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Monday night I get a call from the master of trail building himself Ben "Applebeast" Appleby. He wanted to know if I had time to walk our trails with him and look at some things he wanted to change at the ETSU trail system. After his lengthy optometrist appointment we met and wandered for 2.5 hrs through the woods discussing what we wanted to accomplish this March with the trail maintenance funds we received for the club. During our tour of the woods I was noticing things that I hardly ever notice whilst on a bike in the woods. Trees, rocks, connector trails and all sorts of just little things. We ran across a bobble head dog toy, no telling how that got in there. Near the end of our hike we heard a cat meowing pretty loud, I thought it was injured. It followed us along a fence on the railroad all the way back to the parking lot where it showed us alot of affection. This cat was very friendly, wasn't afraid at all!

My plan was to hit the Warriors trails afterwards but while we were hiking it started to drizzle so by the time I arrived home everything was wet so I got my days exercise non-bike related. I'm really tired of it too! This morning the weather man was claiming snow snow snow! About midnight last night I looked outside and just a little wet was all, heck it was still 40 degrees. I go to bed thinking "they missed this one". Upon awakening I looked outside again, rain, ha I got it right! I get my two classes in today and head over to my campus job and everyone is freaking out in the lab. "It's going to snow, it's going to snow" is all I hear. About an hour later Ole Man Winter opens up, within an hour the ground is white. For the record here "whomever calls off classes dropped the ball AGAIN". As I sit here typing this ETSU has still yet to call off evening classes, they are so incompetent.

Now for the grief, I think I PO'd one of my buddies by buying something from him and then selling it. He should have known that I wouldn't keep it long, especially being bike related. He made a gay little video plagiarizing all those tri videos that have been floating around on FaceBook for the last month dis'n me somewhat. Click on the pic to take ya to the link where you can play it if you're interested. I will say it stung at first but this is one of the funniest gags I have ever seen about anyone even though it references me. When I saw it I will admit I got pissed at first but I quickly got over it. Then I got to thinking "hell he just bought me two new Haro BMX bikes, why am I pissed?" I can laugh at myself just like the next guy....enjoy!

LAter G...............

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Andy said...

Actually I just consider it a lesson learned. Just because you consider someone a friend, doesn't mean you have to give them a good deal. And yes I really should have known.