Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Easter everyone! This year with most of the kids being grown up and having other family obligations for Easter my Mom graciously volunteered to have Easter and Austin's birthday bash on Saturday as to accommodate everyone's plans. It worked out great! Vanessa got to be there as well, I haved missed her so.....

Above; Austin with my niece Summer (Science Hill Varsity Cheerleader) his cousin, hanging out at the table. They are like Forest Gump and Jenny - they go together like peas and carrots!

Happy Birthday dood! 16 candles on that cake but no drivers license, he waited too long to get his permit now he has to wait until the end of July to get it. That's ok, I'm liking being shuttled around wherever we go. Sunday I had to have him back early because his other Grandmother was having another Easter / Birthday bash for him as well! Kids have it made in that sense nowadays. Divorced parents = two of everything!

After dropping him off I decided I would hit the trails at Bays for a spin. I was shootin' for two laps of the funfest race course but climbing the long climb up the gravel road in the warm sun took alot out of me so I settled for 1 and a half. My fitness sucks so bad right now; classes and not being on the road bike much early in the year has left me weak. Just this Thursday on the TNR Buffalo whoopped my but BAD, worse than normal. 10 more days and then I can set some sort of schedule, I need it!

LAter G..........................

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