Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thanks MAXXIS !!

I just want to drop a line out here to thank MAXXIS for their continued support of an ole codger like me. I have been able top be a part of the grassroots program for nearly 10 years now. The brown truck (that I'm not a fan of) dropped off two boxes last week, one huge and one small. In the small box was the new MAXXIS IKON tire. I have yet to get them mounted because of finals at school and all but they look like they are going to be pretty fast with the small knobs.


In the other box?? Well it weighed about 60lbs and was pretty big. Inside? It contained a new MAXXIS EZ-UP! Can you say SUUU_WWWHHHHHH_EEEEEEETTTTT? I can't wait to use this thing! I was going to use it for the BMX race in Morristown but the wind was blowing so hard it would have made it back to northeast Tennessee before I did. It's also the newer EZ-UP too and has the new brackets. So a big ole shout-out to MAXXIS! Alot of people I know get tired of me promoting MAXXIS tires, I don't care they take care of me! Does your fav brand tire company give you perks like this?? The truth is I would use MAXXIS tires even if I wasn't associated with them, they do everything I need them to do for my style of riding! So......


LAter G.................

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