Saturday, May 28, 2011


This week I had to push to get things organized for Pedalfest so I could make it to Ash-Vegas for the 2011 Mountain Sports Festival. The previous week some of my buds had asked me to head over and have some good ole fun racing CX in May, YES MAY! So Thursday I was running around like mad getting all the final Pedalfest details together, skipping the TNR ride which actually got cancelled due to another tornado threat AGAIN here in East TN., to be ready by Thursday night. Friday morning I swung by the shop to get the raffle prizes for the event and got held up there a little bit because it was pretty busy, I threw down with B to get him caught up before I left though. Now, get home load car, wait for Melissa then swing by and get C.O.B. All that completed and we were off, I got to catch up with C.O.B. on the drive over which was nice.
A good hour of warming up, very unlike me, and I was ready to go. I even got a lap of practice in with and a few helpful tips from Captain CX himself, Mr. Wondergem. We had a pretty big group and on top of that it was my first time at the Asheville velodrome which is pretty freakin' sweet! There were 4 of us wearing the ETSU kits and It was nice when peeps would just stop me and give huge compliments on how sweet our ETSU kits looked, nice. Only bad thing was that there were no barriers and the sand pit was a dump truck load of sand dumped on the course, you never dismounted. Just stay clipped in, easy, and haul arse - something hard for me to do.

There were people shooting pics and video all over the course so I sent a message via FB to the event coordinator asking him if there was a link to anyone's pics. He sent me back the pic above that apparently made the Asheville Citizens Times paper this morning, wowzers! I will say I'm quite amazed because there were much better cyclists at the front of this race other than me at the rear. I think it may have been the kit....... just sayin'.

I'm really glad this dude didn't attempt to race because we all would have been racing for 101st position because with that name he would have easily taken the top 100 spots single handily!

I snuck up behind Melissa to get a better photo op of this big bad dude. I was very nervous taking his picture..... with a name like that I can only imagine what he would have / could have done to me. ???

I didn't want to find out...................... Really, with a name like that!

I never got the bands name but these boys rocked it out! I'm a sucker for any band that has a brass section and the Sax dude could make that horn do anything he wanted it to do!

Here's a nice pic of Hammer (Lee), C.O.B. (Mike) and yours truly enjoying a Highland beverage post race in the infield watching the band and just hangin' out. C.O.B. had a huge stack of empty cups in his hand that he finished off before we left....

The brass section here. Man these guys could play! The bass player kicked arse as well on his solo.

C.O.B. and Mr. Tankersly bench racing after it was over. Mr. Tankersly has the fastest two youngsters on the planet right now, those teenagers are fast!!

Oh yea! What trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to Papa's and Beer for some recovery food? This was C.O.B.'s first time there and he is now a huge fan!!!!

I saw this parked very close to us. I'm wanting to get another E-van after Austin gets the exploder when he gets his license. I keep seeing the Econolines with 20's on them and it makes me want want want. Perfect bike hauling ride.....

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