Sunday, May 29, 2011


Beep, beep, beep goes the alarm at 6am Saturday morning after a late night over in Asheville, NC's CX race at the Mountain Festival. I think we pulled in the drive at 1am after dropping C.O.B. off at his front door. So, I was up early loading the exploder. I threw everything in the back except the kitchen sink, I think. I roll into the Elizabethton City Park heading for the same pavilion that we have always held sign up at. To my surprise some dude already had tablecloths set on the tables and balloons taped to the support posts, darn. Ok, well at least the other one was open so I set up the registration in the other one.

I barely start getting organized and riders start filing in. AC arrives and we get hoppin' signing peeps up. By the way AC we talked about the blogging, or the lack of, the other night so I expect to see some verbs, nouns and adjectives start flowing over there. When registration was all said and done we had about 5 less than at last year's event, thanks to all the participants!

Just after they started the iPhone starts lighting up with calls, I'm kinda scared to answer thinking something bad has happened to one of the riders. First call Austin is lost and isn't sure where he's supposed to set up while the call waiting is just beeping away. I switch over, Dawnicakes has destroyed her drivetrain and needs picked-up and shuttled back to the registration area, sagged. A few more calls, nothing serious, and all is well. I set out to rescue Dawn and get her back, 15 minutes later she's safe and sound back at the pavilion with a busted rear derailleur, broken chain and a frown on her face.

About an hour passes and the first riders start showing up for drinks, sammies and fruit provided by our local grocery Food City, thanks guys! They gaze over the sweet raffle prizes that were provided by our sponsors to see if they had won anything. There was some really sweet products donated for this, thanks Hampton Trails! More thanks to all the riders that attended and showed their support and to all the sponsors that provided money or product for our event! Thanks to all the TCRC and NTMBA members that attended too. This ride just about died and went to the wayside 2 years ago but the cycling community came out and held this small community ride together with their support, Thank You!!

LAter G.....................................

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